Welcome to our Hand Tool Woodworking Shop and M&T Office!

http://mortiseandtenonmag.com Take a peek into the small little studio where we spend our week restoring furniture and building period reproductions with hand tools. This 238-square-foot shop on the coast of Maine is also the home of Mortise & Tenon Magazine – where we edit and design the magazine and even where we ship our orders out of. We thought you’d appreciate seeing how homegrown this publication is. Thank you for all your support, readers. We hope this new YouTube channel is a place for you to learn and be inspired! Stay tuned for more and keep making shavings!
Visit our website at www.mortiseandtenonmag.com to order the new issue!

7 Replies to “Welcome to our Hand Tool Woodworking Shop and M&T Office!”

  1. I know you guys are about to be busier than ever, but if you get a chance I would LOVE a more in depth tour of the shop. I like seeing all the nooks and crannies, inside drawers and all that fun stuff. Always interesting to see how others organize and utilize areas of their shops. Look forward to issue 2 and your upcoming videos.

  2. Great video. Looking forward to more and wish you continued success in the coming year. God bless you guys. Also, nice way to store clamps overhead; I may copy that idea.

  3. Wow..it's gonna be great to watch ya'll grow in years to come. So glad ya'll have come along as I am mostly interested in just traditional woodworking.

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