Inside an Amish Furniture Woodworking Shop: Tour Millcraft (2018)

Inside an Amish Furniture Woodworking Shop: Tour Millcraft (2018)

Interested in woodworking?

Take this opportunity to tour the Millcraft woodshop–in hyperspeed.

Go inside an Amish furniture shop, and discover how your custom furniture comes to be. Millcraft is a premier builder of custom bedroom sets for DutchCrafters. Discover their creations at See the process for creating drawer boxes (0:13), beds (1:30), ebony inlays (1:57), dresser assembly (3:00), nightstand assembly (4:45), and wood furniture finishing (5:08).

The Amish craftsmen and their local employees in Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania are devoted to quality. While you may be surprised by the number of woodworking machines used in the shop, keep in mind that nearly all of our shops work off the grid, powering their work by generators. This technology rarely makes its way into their homes and lives outside the shop. We continue to communicate with them primarily by phone, fax, mail, and personal visits, as most woodworkers don’t use email or computers.

This video shows the attention to detail present in every stage of the build process. It’s the details that make all the difference. As more machines are used in the production process, they are added in pursuit of quality, not automation. The more exact the craftsmanship, the stronger the joints and the longer the furniture lasts for you and your family.

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20 Replies to “Inside an Amish Furniture Woodworking Shop: Tour Millcraft (2018)”

  1. What are you most surprised to see in the shop? Power tools? Non-Amish employees? A basketball hoop?

  2. A well run furniture factory, but is it just the religious belief of the workers that makes it Amish furniture? I can’t see any other difference. Personally I am an atheist and have been making furniture professionally for 41 years, but I never thought of it as atheist furniture or branded it as such. The religious attitude of Shaker furniture makers really did affect the way they worked and the finished product, but I don’t see that here.

  3. Look what easy is with my invention "Parallel Guided Power Saw" you can see on you tube, to can cut straight lines. I am looking for a partner to manufacture my saw. Is your community interested to manufacture my power Saw?

  4. Great walkthrough of your shop, love to see how shops run. I teach high school woodshop and do tree work on the weekends, I cut the trees down, bring them to the school where we mill them up and use the lumber for projects.

  5. I know lots of Amish and I don't think most of these Amish
    T shirts and jeans? Get real
    All the Amish wood working shops I've been used air powered tools

  6. I was really interested in what they were building – I didn't so much care for the "hyperspeed" – it made watching very difficult for me!

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