Joint Venture Ep. 35: Pole tenon splice "Saotsugi" (Japanese Joinery)

Joint Venture Ep. 35: Pole tenon splice "Saotsugi" (Japanese Joinery)

In this series I explore different wood joinery techniques. This is not a ‘how to’ video. Just sit back and join me on my venture to find beautiful joinery! More Projects on:

Wood: Hard Maple, Walnut

Music: Lakey Inspired – Watching the Clouds
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20 Replies to “Joint Venture Ep. 35: Pole tenon splice "Saotsugi" (Japanese Joinery)”

  1. I know this is an old video and I may not get an answer but does anyone know what the small cross drilled metal block he uses to guide the chisel @ 4:55 is called? I can't find anything online like that.

  2. Beautiful joints, and very interesting videos on how you mark-up and construct. Thanks. It looks like you are using beech wood for many/most samples. What are you using for the bungs and wedges?

  3. Haha very nice accurate work but…1 – what's the point or use…and 2 how you gonna take them apart again without using pliers or something and damaging the beautiful crafted workpiece???

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