Buying Used Tools – Negotiating Tips/Tricks and Buying Advice (Plus a Mini Shop Tour)

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This week’s essential skills for woodworking video is about buying great tools for cheap. I walk you how through how I negotiate and look for used tools and what I buy new. Let me know in the comments what skills you’d like to see next week. Thanks for watching! Please like, comment and subscribe. Cheers!
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Tools I love:
Dovetail Saw:
Marking Gauge:
Marking Knife:
Stanley Sweetheart Chisels:
Knew Concepts Fret Saw:
Dewalt Planer Package:
Forrest 10” Combo Blade:
Festool Tape Measure:
Starrett 6” Combination Square:
Woodstock 3 in 1 Shoulder Plane:
Stanley Low Angle Jack Plane:
Dewaxed Shellac Flakes:
Abalone Inlay :
Abalone Inlay Alternate:
5 Minute Epoxy:
Triton 3 ¼ hp Router (with built in lift and edge guide incl):
Kreg Router Plate:
Triton Bushing Set:
Bosch 1 HP Colt Router Set With Fixed and Plunge Base:
Bosch Edge Guide:
Bosch Bushings Set:
Centering Cone:
¼” Inexpensive Router Bit Set:
½” Inexpensive router Bit Set:
Whiteside ¼” shank Spiral Upcut Bit ⅛”:
Whiteside ¼” Shank Spiral Upcut Bit 1/4”:
45 Degree Bit I Like:
Whiteside Inlay Kit I like:
Flush Trim Bit I Use All The Time for smaller applications:
Camera Gear:
Lumix GH5-s and main lens:
30mm Macro Lens:
15mm Lens:
50mm Lens I use for product shots:
Lav Microphone:
2nd CAMERA Canon 70d:
24MM Wide Angle/Macro Lens:
50MM f/1.8 for those tight shots:
10-18mm Lens for the wide shots:
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20 Replies to “Buying Used Tools – Negotiating Tips/Tricks and Buying Advice (Plus a Mini Shop Tour)”

  1. Thanks for your advice! This helped me loads! Just starting up my garage woodshop and ended up getting a 14" Bandsaw, delta tablesaw, standing Ashina drill press, 12" Delta planer, Bench Sander, Bench Grinder, and a Beaver Jointer. All for $1100 CAD! And all because it w as s poorly listed online!

    Thanks again!

  2. There are a ton of 200+ year old furniture companies and shops in rural parts of Massachusetts and New England. Really good place to look for old tools and stuff.

  3. Swap Meets: Great place to get tools! You can negotiate prices and some sellers can be stubborn. Many sellers have been taking hallucinogens or smoking too much pot. The way to deal with these guys is to ask and counter. If price is too much tell them you can't do it and walk away, then come back by one more time before you leave and say, "I see you still have these here…, you can sell them for the price I offered now or lug them back and forth for the next couple months until you sell them for the same price I offered." I just got 3 Irwin clamps for $15 bucks when the guy wanted $40. Basically I got two clamps free for the price of one and they were in excellent condition. Never be afraid to walk and don't be afraid to be persistent.
    Great tips JKM, I use many of them myself. There are some great deals out there!!!

  4. He had his hand saved by the Saw Stop safety features and that's why he had to sell it? That's some seriously backward thinking.

  5. Jonathan; You inspired me to find tools at auctions. I have found literally dozens of different on-line auctions with woodworking equipment. There are school systems selling shop equipment and, even better, furniture companies selling high end, powerful machines. Some machines are vintage, some are relatively new. Right now I'm looking at Jet bandsaws, Powermatic jointers, Delta drill presses….everything I thought I'd have to wait years to obtain at a combined price (hopefully) for whole lot for less than I paid for my new SawStop. Well done!

  6. For a professional shop, sure, new hand tools save time, but for the guy just starting out, I'd say it's better to start with cheap or used hand tools; otherwise if you try it and don't like it or it turns out you don't have time, you might end up one of those guys on Craigslist asking new prices for your used hand tools.

    My first hand plane was the $15 Harbor Freight special, back when I started side work to see if I could add to our income. Dug through every one they had to find the one that the screws actually lined up on, took me 4 hours to flatten the sole, and another 2 hours to flatten the back and bevel of the iron & put a good edge on it. With that plane, my old handsaw, a speed square, a $20 set of Buck Bros. chisels that I also sharpened, a borrowed table saw, and some reclaimed lumber from a house renovation down the street, I made my first farmhouse table. It sold for $400 the same day I finished it. I made & sold three more tables from that free lumber, and that was a helluva first real taste of woodworking.

    Good video, though. 👍

  7. Great info! Thanks for sharing. What resources do you suggest for refurbishing? I’m so intimidated by the tools not working when buying used. But I certainly can appreciate the value.

  8. Great tips! I was purchasing a Ridgid spindle sander of Craigslist and asked if he was selling anything else. I bought his jet 14” 30th anniversary edition bandsaw for $250 that was barely used. There are great deals to be had if you patient and diligent.

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