My DIY and Woodworking Book Collection | Vlog 08

My favorite DIY and Woodworking Books
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The Home Cabinetmaker:
Furniture You Can Make:
Modern Carpentry:
Campaign Furniture:
Wooden Boxes:
Taunton’s Complete Illustrated Guide to Woodworking:
Civil War Woodworking:
The Perfect Edge:
The Creative Woodturner:
Guerilla Furniture Design:
HomeMade Modern:
Make: Electronics:
Sculpted Band Saw Boxes:
Made by Hand:
Cabinetmaking (The Art of Woodworking):
Woodworker’s Power Tools:
The Furniture Bible:
How To Design a Chair:
The Woodworker’s Illustrated Benchtop Reference:
Hybrid Woodworking:
How to Make Your Own Picture Frames:
How to Make Picture Frames:
Making Flawless Cabinets and Built-Ins:
Handmade Furniture:
Handmade Music Factory:
The Homemade Workshop:
Fine Woodworking Design Book Eight:
500 Cabinets:
Eames: Beautiful Details:
Mid-Century Modern:
Decorative Art 50s:
400 Wood Boxes:
Images of the Gamble House:
Dewey Mac Maker Mysteries:
Calvin Cobb: Radio Woodworker!:
The Soul of a Tree:
Drawing Ideas:
Woodsmith Shop Season 8 DVD (get all seasons):
The Master Techniques of Marquetry DVD:
Essential Woodworking Techniques DVD:
Woodworker’s Journal: Essential Woodworking Techniques DVD:
Hand Tool Techniques:
Decorative Veneering and Marquetry DVD:
The New Bandsaw Box Book:




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20 Replies to “My DIY and Woodworking Book Collection | Vlog 08”

  1. hey ,if anyone else trying to find out woodworking projects for beginners try Stiklind Wood Blueprints Fixer (just google it ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my buddy got great success with it.

  2. This guy has all these carpentry books but doesn't have an apron piece of trim under his window sill. C'mon maaan

  3. David!! Just started to follow your second channel (I know, πŸ˜”) and I’m honored that you have my book on your shelf! Thank you so much! πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ‘

  4. I am in the retirement phase of my life. I do a bit of cabinetry, make musical instruments, and carry out woodturning in my small shop. I stumbled upon this woodworking guide, β€œpepe amazing plan” (Google it), and acquired it despite the fact that I own many woodworking books in the house. It is the most comprehensive book I`ve seen. Each and every topic of the book is covered properly.

  5. Bro,.. I can't afford to do the Patreon thing, I totally would if I could,… but let me encourage you with words.

    There are a few woodworkers who got me started and provided knowledge,… but none encouraged me weekly and helped me stay passionate through the learning curve like you have! Your creativity combined with your vulnerability is what helps us newbies push through the harder days. Thank you

  6. I am strongly thinking to do woodcraft, may you please list the books and who wrote them. I and probably others would enjoy that for the future crafters and the ones already.

  7. David thank you for some good book suggestions, I do have to disagree with you on one point. Mid century Modern is a fine style, but the best is the combination of Art Deco and Mission style.

  8. When looking for inspiration, i agree it is nice to have the physical book/magazine. Good Stuff. Do you even lift, Bro?

  9. Ha! We only have one book in common, the handmade music book. If you want books with cool illustrations, check out Architectural Graphic Standard… 3rd, 4th, 5th editions. You can pick them up cheaply on eBay.

  10. Great list, man. Lots of stuff to read on my list now. Any good audiobooks on woodworking/design that you can recommend? Need something for the car when I run out of podcasts.

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