Easy DIY Drawers with Pocket Screws | How to Make

How to make drawers for any cabinet or other woodworking project where you need storage. These DIY drawers are easy to build with pocket hole joinery. And I’ll show you two methods for how to make a drawer bottom, one simple and easy and the other with a table saw. You can make plywood drawers or solid wood drawers using these tips.

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20 Replies to “Easy DIY Drawers with Pocket Screws | How to Make”

  1. I would have grooved the front panel as well and only cut the back panel narrower. 👍👍🤠🤠🤠🇬🇧

  2. Thank you for making this video. I am learning how to build cabinetry, and your video was quick and to the point. The wood spacer on the chop saw was a cool trick as well. Keep up the good work!

  3. Just made two drawers yesterday using the suspended bottom. Followed the steps exactly to fit my cabinet and it worked perfectly all within an hour or so. Thanks Brad

  4. To all wondering how to adjust if not square:

    Measure the two diagonal lengths from corner to corner. If not equal, add these two measurements together and divide by 2 to find the average length. That average should be the lengths of both diagonals you're aiming for to get it square. Now clamp or squeeze together the longer diagonal length corners until both diagonal measurements equal your average number. Your box will now be square and you can nail in the backing board to secure it.

  5. that pocket jig from kreg. do you have to use their screws as well or can others be used? im planning on buying such a pocket hole jig. nice drawer. btw what type of plywood are u using?

  6. Great video! This is how I made all the drawers for my shop, they were very fast to build and solid as a rock.

  7. Nice tip about the drawer bottoms. I was taught to leave the back open, but with drawers that use a false front, there's no reason not to leave the front open, too.

  8. Great video, you explained everything we need to make the drawers at our option. I see in these ways there is no need to glue all pieces together, which I like, if need be, we can always take them apart for whatever reason. These drawers are definitely strong and will last forever. Thanks for the opportunity to watch your videos.

  9. Omg pocket holes. Really dude? Show people real joints. Lol ok I'm only kidding, i had to be the anti pocket hole guy. Its been going around. Nice work, good video.

  10. Do you ever make drawers out of 1/2 plywood? If so do you have issues with the 1/2 kreg jig set up? I used1" screws and they seem to pop through.

  11. Nice video. As a subscriber I would expect from you as a person with more knowledge and experience to give me the latest information, so why K-4 and not K-5? K-4 is an old version for many years now and nothing to compare to K-5. If Kreg needs to get rid of their K-4 they should just drop the prices on them to half and get rid of them otherwise I don't see why anyone with the right mind is going to buy K-4 at all! 🧐

  12. I don't understand why woodworkers don't build drawers with thicker, stronger bottoms that wont need replacing so soon.

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