Woodworking Life 73 – I can't BELIEVE We got all of this done TODAY

We were SO busy today! wow! Can’t believe it!

Wagner Moisture Meter:


Follow me along as I go through my day, operating Canadian Woodworks & Legacy Lumber. Thanks for watching

Canadian Woodworks – Established in 2010 Paul Lemiski has been professionally building furniture since. We offer one of a kind furniture designed to last for generations, teaching work shops and build your own templates & instructions.
Online Store – http://canadianwoodworks.com

Legacy Lumber – Here at Legacy Lumber we produce beautiful furniture grade lumber using our custom built sawmill and industry leading RF Vacuum Kiln technology. Salvaging urban trees then transforming this “wood waste” into high quality wood products is our goal. Legacy Lumber clients feel great knowing they have the highest quality material to begin their own legacy.
Online store – http://legacylumber.co
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Filmed & Edited by Sebastian Cristancho

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17 Replies to “Woodworking Life 73 – I can't BELIEVE We got all of this done TODAY”

  1. I love that your hitting on all the points of making a lap siding profile and how difficult it is to make siding without this machine. This is a grest machine with a great deal of value.

  2. Between you guys and Matt Cremona, some of the most informative and detailed explanations on machines, and processes… Thanks for not hiding the good stuff behind clickbait paywall spam like button smashing.

  3. Awesome stuff. I could happily live there & do the work. Worked for my Father-in-law in a joinery business until he retired, now do small projects from my small shop at home. Loving the insight into the way you work. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

  4. I had a boss once that would all up tight if we weren't running at at least 75'/minute. I don't know when the moulder was made but I did the setups on in in 1994-1996. Five head Weinig with 4"x10" capacity.

  5. Getting new bigger better tools is awesome..is there still tools that you really want or do you pretty much have them all ??

  6. No, thank you! Makes my day, seeing these productive clips of so many people enjoying what they're doing, gettin'-r-dun!

  7. Number 2 again, however, first to comment….again. Wow… super productive day. Much going on. It's nice to sit back at the end of the day with a beverage of choice, and feel really good about all that was accomplished! Thanks for the vid. Keep 'em coming please. Rick.

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