Finally, the Best High-End and Affordable Dovetail Saw!

I recently discovered Florip Toolworks who makes amazing high-end hand saws & other tools that the average person can afford. Here’s the link to my blog post, which shares Erik’s story, photos, etc:


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20 Replies to “Finally, the Best High-End and Affordable Dovetail Saw!”

  1. His saws are a rip off. He is charging Lie-Nielsen prices for no established industry experience in a product that is flash looking, but poorly performing. He got greedy and stupid.

  2. I just order one also!! I was "this close" to ordering a LN after watching your other video, not that it would have been a bad decision. But, I really liked your honest description of Florip and I think it's great to support someone like Erik who has served our country!!

  3. I thought it was a video of valuable service. It is good to know where you can purchase good tools that are new at an affordable price. I still make my own saws, but I may buy a half back or larger saw because he is fellow Marine, in support of his business. Thank you.

  4. I cannot believe the prices for quality like this . thanks for bringing his site to public prominence . i must grab some before his prices and popularity go up .

  5. The prices have jumped a tad, but the price isn't too far from the cost of a Lie-Nielsen in the U.K. I don't like bringing price into things if I can help it, because I try and support small, independent businesses, and if it's an item which could potentially outlast me, then I will save very hard for it, but I'm looking at his website (very nice website it is too), and I can't really justify it at the moment. Hopefully, fingers crossed, he gets a U.K. importer, since his saws do look rather nice indeed.

  6. looks like a good thing doesn't last long — checked out the site and his saws (although nice) are now priced up in the LN and Veritas stratosphere. Good old American craftsmanship comes at a price. No free lunch – even for us "average" folks.

  7. Erik is a super guy, and easy to work with..Talked to him today and ordered my first saw from him today, can't wait to get it. This video is driving alot of (well deserved) business his way, makes me happy to support a US based manufacturer like this. This will not be the last tool I order from him.

  8. Us woodworkers are living in a golden age when it comes to hand tools made by independent toolmakers. And there's always room for more. If only I hadn't replaced all my saws with PAX saws over the last few years I would be very tempted. Good luck to Erik anyway. Looks like a quality hand tool.

  9. Great to know. I’ve been looking at his saws and wondered how good they are. Another thing to add to the list of tools I “need.”

  10. $99 for a 9" dovetail saw is a great price. I have been following Erik for some time and I plan on all of my saws being made by him when I am done. They are less expensive than most of the big name saws and I feel they are an excellent investment in anybody's wood working arsenal!

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