All About Nails

All About Nails

Chris Schwarz shares his love (and knowledge) of nails – both old and new – and makes some recommendations on what to use and how. Keep up with the newest info from Chris on his blog at:
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Skill Workers Wood Cutting Methods। Dangerous Saw Wood Workers Cutting, Lifting and Slicing Wood

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Workbench 1 – Plans, Magnet Dogs, tools, build details

Workbench time! If you remember my old workshop, my old workbench in Minneapolis was ok, but there were somethings that bugged me about it, so I got rid of it 2 years ago when we moved to Denver, time to build a new one. I planned on making a new workbench to coincide with the launch of my fast travel vise concept, but that design has proven technically challenging (and Ive devoted energy to builds and products that were going smoothly). So I’ve been without a serious workbench for long enough, time to make one, break out the tools.

In this video I go over what I am thinking about for the design, and dig into some of the more interesting features, like round bench dogs held at different heights with imbedded magnets. Workbench away! Vaguely Roubo inspired split top workbench with a metal base is what I’m aiming for. Magnets to, gotta have magnets.

Check out my Amazon store for some of my favorite products. Purchases will support content I make:
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Finding Absolute Steals at Fisherman's Yard Sale!! ($200+ in Value!!!!)

Finding Absolute Steals at Fisherman's Yard Sale!! (0+ in Value!!!!)

Got wind that a decently sized yard sale was going on and I jumped to it when I heard “Fishing”!

Spent less than on all the fishing stuff pictured. Spent a bit more in total for other random knick knacks. The hand written prices on some of the items you see in the video is not what he was asking for, but the price he paid originally. Got some great deals on used and brand new stuff! (I.E.-Paid for 3 Brand New Gotcha Plugs ( Value)).

I did purchase the big bucket of weights. Paid and weighs that in pounds. This was not configured in the pic, less than or total value. To be honest, it’s still sitting in my car because the thing weighs so much.

If you live in Chester/surrounding areas in Va, he is open for business on the weekends. I’d be more than happy to let ya know where this is.

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If you’re into Large Mouth, plenty of tools there for that fishery in there!
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Start Woodworking With Only $100 | A Beginners Tool Buying Guide

Want to start woodworking, but don’t have any tools? Here is a tool kit for just over 0 that will allow you to build pretty much any DIY project. Hey everyone! This is Molly and Dylan from the YouTube Channel Woodbrew, If you are new here I highly recommend checking out some of our DIY projects here:

Click over to our Instagram and comment on the giveaway post:)

—-0 Tool Kit Links—-
These are affiliate links, so we make a small commission off purchases made through a link:) Thanks for your support!

Circular Saw:
Drill Bit Set:
Tape Measure:
Chalk Line:
Orbital Sander:

——Check Out All The Tools We Use!——

Tools We Use

——Have a Larger Budget??——
Here are some Items we recommend getting next! (again its the type of tool, not the brand)

Miter Saw:
Battery Operated Drill & Impact Driver:
Table Saw:
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DIY Media Center / Buffet With Barn Doors

Link For Barn Door Hardware:


Website Link:

Check us out on Instagram! We post daily updates.

Our client picked this Anna white designed media center, if you would like step by step instructions on how to build the cabinet you can visit her link here :
note: Our construction is much different than hers, so go by her plans if you’d like to build it.

Music Cred:
Before I Sleep by Muciojad
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Godet Woodworking

Adam grew up in rural New York surrounded by craftsmen and fell in love with the unique feeling of building something with his bare hands. Now in DC, Adam has held on to that feeling by building custom furniture pieces and small household items in his shop.
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Mid Century Modern Desk Part 1 | The Base

Building a Mid Century Modern Desk. Get 25% off your first month of Care/of vitamins by going to and using promo code “Foureyes”! *

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On this episode we’ll build a Mid Century Modern Computer Desk. This is Part 1 of a 2 part series and we will cover the overall design, construction, and building the entire base of the desk. So much Woodworking I had to break it up into two videos

#Woodworking #Desk #MidCenturyModern


My Measuring Tools | Woodpeckers (All The Red Stuff)

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My Cordless Power Tools | HIKOKI


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5 Amazing Angle Grinder Attachments !!!

5 Amazing Angle Grinder Attachments !!!

Top 5 Awesome useful Woodworking Accessories for Angle Grinder.

1. 11.5 Inch Chainsaw Angle Grinder:
2. Angle Grinder Belt Sander:
3. Angle Grinder Into Power Chisel:
4. Angle Grinder Sanding Belt Adapter:
5. Angle Grinder Drill Chuck:

Let’s check out website for all major details:

Main channel – crazyNK:

Warning: Do not perform any experiments shown here without the supervision of an adult. This is done by Expert.

Fb Page:

Thank you for watching Navin Khambhala.
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Caring For Your Lie-Nielsen Tools

Caring For Your Lie-Nielsen Tools

Marta Madden from our customer service team goes over the most important aspects of hand tool care. Rust prevention is key, and Marta will help you to make sure that your tools stay functional, well-tuned, and rust free.
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