20 Replies to “2 Things You Should Never Say To A Contractor – Residential Construction”

  1. I am one of those who hire work done that I don't have the TALENT, nor the equipment to achieve the result desired. I assume the contractor already knows more than one estimate will be acquired, and I'm a firm believer that you get what you pay for! References ( reviews of your previous jobs' successes or questionable results) are the as Important as the estimate. I've watched many of your vids and you impress me that you aren't afraid to take risks and you also have an inner drive missing in a lot of your generation. Good luck with your future and don't compromise, EVER!

  2. I hire Hispanics, they do a great job and work hard. They're the ones who these contractors hire anyway, I just cut the middle man.
    And I usually pay them more than their asking price if pleased with the work.

  3. You provide top quality work, people don’t realize that until they hire Joe Schmo and his work sucks. Don’t ever settle, stick to your pricing, I’m a stucco and stone contractor and I’ve walked away from jobs because of a witty customer, especially when I’m referred!!

  4. Being a retired contractor myself, I believe that you are missing a major opportunity of “selling” yourself by finding offense with those comments. Learn the value differences between you and your competitors. If you can’t explain why your price reflects value that your competitors don’t have, then you don’t deserve the job. One of the biggest aspects to getting work, is being able to sell yourself, your product, and all value differences. You then will keep building business by word of mouth, by following up with producing that quality of workmanship on time. People will pay more for high quality work. Learn how to differentiate yourself from your competitors. If you can’t do that, then the customer will lack confidence in what you bring to the table. Until the customer knows you and your work, they are only being responsible by asking you those very reasonable questions.

  5. When they say give me the best price, I jack up the price. When someone says well I got this price from this guy, can you do it for that price. Nope followed by see ya later.

    Another good one is when they say they will supply material or they say they'll have lots more work to do and need someone dependable. I still price it like any other job and sometimes I increase the price if I feel they will be a PITA to deal with.

    The only ones I give deals out, are previous long standing customers and the rare new customer.

  6. You dont.realize that most people goes to seminars and thats what they tell them is to say.But IT didnt work for me because in the Real world you have to know how to talk to people .

  7. Don't ever tell a contractor that you're getting other quotes?
    I'm curious what Mike Holmes would advise on this advice….

  8. That is soooo true bro. What i use alot is, "you get what you pay for". Maybe someone will do it cheaper but you wont get the same quality work. Good work takes time where anybody can rush and do do half ass job. I tell the customers, then you gotta get somebody else to come fix their trashy work and you end up spending double. So just get it done right the first time with quality work.

  9. You need to explain why your twice as much and why you choose two people. What is the rational of using two people for a small job at twice the price? Your quality is no better with two. Not as simple in my world of sales. Customers…the people that pay you, like me, they are entitled to know exactly what their money is buying. I've had construction done at my home and commercial building and from my perspective your paying more because your not a flake. Rampant in the builder community. Most builders who do small jobs think they are doing the laymen a favor or our judgmental at the paying customers inability. Furthermore, contractors in most instances are uneducated and that reflects in their professional maturity. If I choose a contractor to work on my property their personality and delivery during bid and meeting time weighs heavily in my decision. You forget your business is referral based and every time in my neighborhood someone notices work or bids being done they come over and ask what I think. Thus my impression of you, your delivery and your bid explanation controls your business.

  10. Ha I always deal with this! Client always says they had someone come in earlier before me and said they would do it for half of what I quoted. I always tell them then call him up and best of luck 🤣

  11. Asking why you are so much more is a reasonable question, not necessarily someone playing mind games. They might prefer you, but are only being prudent. The right answer could tip them your way. Having a two-man crew isn't the right answer. Presumably two people can do the job in less time so that doesn't justify doubling the price. Unless it's a rush job.

  12. Don’t be so sensitive. Competitive pricing is important. If your price is premium sell the fact that you are selling a premium product.

  13. Insisting that a customer doesn't get multiple quotes doesn't make sense. Everyone should get multiple quotes. Not everyone looks for the cheapest option but everyone looks for the best option for their needs. When you put in a quote, you are literally saying that you are the best person for the job … you should be able to elaborate why you are. I usually pay for the best proposal and I do expect a contractor to explain why there is a difference in price. You might show me what someone overlooked. Be more confident in why you quote what you quote.

  14. I'm from Allen doing full construction from remodels to new etc etc and we get the "you're overbuilding it and it's making it more expensive" but if we do it any less it would be shit.

  15. Why would you think that a person wanting work done on there house would shop it any other way then they would anything else? If I am shopping for cars and am looking at the same exact car am I going to buy the one that is 10k more? I know you would not! I think people would be idiots not to get quotes on there jobs. It is a shame but there are a lot of very bad contractors out there. I think everyone should get 3 quotes, insurance companies make you get that and the reason why is because some are to high and some are to low. To low = bad work, to high gauging the one in the middle probably honest. People put a lot of work and money in there homes, so you do not want to just let anyone do the work. Plus you are letting a person into your home. I do background checks on all workers that are going to come into my home. You would be very surprised on what that shows. It is a crazy world out there today. I know contractors get screwed over by customers but it goes the other way also. I think you should lead with “ this is my best and final price” and then you will not here that question. Although you ended your video with there is some wiggle room so I guess maybe you do not give your best and final price to begin with. This is why you here that question…lol. It is not a threat, it is letting you know that it may be a minute before I get back to you because I am going to get other quotes. Right now I am trying to redo a staircase and because I am a women they are gauging me. They think I am uninformed. I am not. The difference in the way I am treated as opposed to when my husband talks to them is night and day. The truth is my husband knows nothing of this work, I have the knowledge in this area but he gets all the respect and a lower price because they think he knows what goes into a project. Heads up to all, most women will be the ones who want the job done. Make her happy and you will probably get a lot of work from them.

  16. I would not have that much of an issue with either statement. An old guy once told me to be very careful of anyone asking you to do a job without getting a quote as they don't intend to pay u at the end anyway.

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