Do You Know the Difference Between Carpentry and Woodworking?

Leah discusses the differences between carpentry and woodworking…1/8th of an inch!

Link to the tools shown in the video:

Pfeil “Swiss Made” Marking Knife:
Stanley Sweetheart Chisel Set with Leather Carrying Case:
Divider (scribing)tool:
Marking gauge:
Dovetail saw: (Note: this is a different saw than the one Leah is using in the video. Leah is using the Veritas saw from Woodcraft…not available through Amazon)

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20 Replies to “Do You Know the Difference Between Carpentry and Woodworking?”

  1. no, I don't only you know the difference, the rest of us are plain dumb asses who has been cutting wood for decades and now come the omniscient wood rockets scientist to tell us the difference, wa wee and who would have thought of that.

  2. What you refer to as a carpenter is actually a joiner here in England. A carpenter is a more precise and skilled craftsman.

  3. I’ve made a living as a carpenter in years past and want to get into woodworking now that I’m disabled…
    I’ve been mulling over which machine to purchase, a planer?, or a jointer?, a sander and a dust collection and so on but I haven’t made any decisions yet, I’m sorting out as many of my carpentry tools that will still be useful, and cleaning them up
    Keep up the good work, I enjoy your energy and overall presentation… THANKS!

  4. A long time ago( 50 yrs) a carpenter and a woodworker were one in the same, just different levels of experience. Learning how to sharpen and use planes and chisels is the key to woodworking.

  5. Great discussion about precision. To take precision a step further my son is a tool and die machinist. It is cultural shock when we are working together on carpentry projects. He is used to thinking in terms of 1/1000 of an inch or better. Wood moves that much just looking at it.

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