What Is The Best Marking Tool For Wood?

Pencil Vs. Inkzall Vs. Sharpie Vs. Dixon Pencil Vs. #2 Pencil
All the tests and photos: http://thebackyardbuilder.com/what-is-the-best-construction-marking-tool-for-wood/

We tested old school vs. new school in this very simple construction marking tool shootout. We tested the brand new Milwaukee InkZALL marker, the classic Sharpie, a #2 pencil and a Dixon construction pencil. All produced a nice easy to read line on bare dry wood but when we added water to simulate rain and sawdust to simulate debris, the Dixon marking pencil came out on top every time!

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  1. What's the item number on that Dixon construction pencil? I can't find it anywhere…just the regular flat carpenter pencils.

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