What happened to the hand tool wall????

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20 Replies to “What happened to the hand tool wall????”

  1. James, I too have an art degree and taught art for years at the college level and I have to say, I like your new tool wall BECAUSE IT WORKS.

  2. Nice video. I like how you share your thought process. I clicked the bell icon so I get notified when your next video comes out! Scott

  3. I’ve spent all my life putting together hand tools by the many hundreds very soon to exceed one thousand planes and chisels alone. I use them….yes, I use them all during my many projects restoring turn of century homes and furniture. Why make my own molding using a 230 year old molding plane set? Because I can.🤗

  4. Just as a totally nonsequitur comment, I got away from tool walls a few years back when I started building up my hand tool collection. I figured a wall would be way too dangerous, as in the event of fire, I would burn to death standing in front of the wall trying to decide which tools I would run out with and not being able to make up my mind which ones were dearest to me. So, I store them all in a big wooden chest I built, with casters so they all easily roll out the garage and to safety. It limits the size of my collection, but my wallet is much happier that way 🙂 Thanks for sharing your stuff.

  5. As always, informative, educational and entertaining. Some of the woodworkers blogs or YouTubes I scroll past. But never yours.

  6. I just noticed that your recent plywood video shows the tool wall now that makes things interesting if you watch daily

  7. Love every video of yours that I have ever seen. One observation, though. Be VERY careful using an impact driver to install pocket screws, especially in cheaper plywood. I use a drill instead and turn the torque setting (is that the proper term?) down to about 12 or 14. This ensures that you never overdrive the screw. Overdriving is a big problem with pocket holes in plywood.

  8. Your hand tool collection has always been an object of my envy. Scrape as much money together as I can, search as far and wide as I can for deals or even just tools being sold, I don't think I'll ever be able to match that collection before I die.

  9. Glad you are doing this. I had to tear apart my shed to fix some insulation and wiring that the squirrels got to, but but got it mostly fixed in the last couple of weeks. Golden opportunity to put those cabinets up that I keep planning… over and over again.

  10. Hey Stumpy, you're a collector not a hoarder. Hoarders get letters from Govt depts telling them to clean up their property

  11. Stumpy! Let me know how much you will ask for your doubles if you want to sell them! I love old tools and they would be a welcome addition to my wood working tools.

  12. Keep your tools. I am only a diyer and I inherited a lot of planes and chisels along with various saws and sundries and I use these more than the new stuff I bought it's all about how you look after them

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