Dave Heller: Fine Furniture Maker & Marquetarian

Custom furniture maker and Marquetry expert, Dave Heller, shares his fine furniture and his story of getting into woodworking. See photos of Dave’s workshop and furniture here: https://woodandshop.com/dave-heller-fine-furniture-maker-marquetarian

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19 Replies to “Dave Heller: Fine Furniture Maker & Marquetarian”

  1. Art deco that is the style the wife has settled on. Please post video #3. I hope some of the video covers the edge banding work.

  2. More power to you! Love the box with the flower inlay. I write contracts for a living and I do woodworking for the same reason you do. Best of luck.

  3. Hi Dave. Great vid. I am no where near your capability. I would like to see how you made those legs on the bigger piece. Also, what exactly is Veneer? I’m a disabled vet, so can’t make it to Va. You have anything on line? Thanks…ML

  4. I really identified with your bio. I'm a Science teacher who took early retirement. Woodworking for me met all the same needs. I was sorry part of that was edited out. I also related to a lot of what you said. Nice video thanks, loved every moment.

  5. Nice quality, ..but I prefer solid wood not veneer. ..try inlays in exotic hardwoods..last longer more challenging…

  6. I love the look colors and style unfortunately everyone's into the hairpin leg "mid century modern" style but not me I'm more shaker,g&g,& anything complex.beautiful craftsmanship love that table top amazing grain pattern

  7. Thank you, this was brilliant. I could watch videos like this all day long. Would love to see him showing some techniques. I'm partial to veneered pieces.

  8. Incredible work Dave, what a great interview! So many of us can relate to the fact that our careers don't produce physical items and use woodworking to fulfill that need.

  9. Todos os homens que trabalham com a cabeça, precisam também trabalhar com as mãos.. é uma terapia. Olá do Brasil!
    all men who work with their heads, need to work with their hands … it's a therapy! Hello from Brazil!

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