Process of a Master Woodworker: In the Shop with Alf Sharp Part 2

This is the 2nd in a series on Alf Sharp a Master Woodworker and Craftsman. Alf shares his thoughts on the process of fine woodworking, hand tools vs. power tools, and his advice for beginner woodworkers.

1st Video: Journey of a Master Craftsman

Alf has been building woodworking projects in his wood shop for the last 30 years and has concentrated on museum-quality, one-of-a-kind furniture, primarily in the 18th century American style. He is a master of high and low relief carving, inlay, marquetry, and French polishing. If you want to see more of Alf’s work you can find it here:

Museum Quality Custom Furniture

Produced, filmed and edited by Brad Rodriguez

In partnership with Powermatic.

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20 Replies to “Process of a Master Woodworker: In the Shop with Alf Sharp Part 2”

  1. This series has been awesome. I recently jumped into the world of woodworking as my job and it is a dream of mine to find some "old world mentors" as he put it to teach me carving and hand tools. I do everything on machinery and it doesn't feel nearly as good as the rare times I get to break out a chisel.

  2. If anyone here is familiar with the little tiny "Mini Lathe", also called a "Bead Polisher", do you know of it having a Chuck that will work with it? It has a drill like chuck but nothing to grip the item one is using to turn on.

  3. I personally have a "Pac Rat" personality. I have a storage unit which continues to get more into it than it has room for. As for Alf, are you open for a Small Motor Boat, which can use minor repairs? It also has a trailer.

  4. Wonderful… EXCEPT for the music which is hardly necessary. What this fellow is saying is worth listening too but the music is superfluous to say the least.

  5. Proud to be the official 1,000th 'like' on this awesome video. Thanks so much for this series and to Alf for sharing his experience and wisdom with us. I see myself revisiting this interview again in the future.

  6. You're process oriented, but not a purest about tools? Seems odd. My favorite thing to do is work in relative peace and quiet with hand tools. The screech of power tools drives me nuts. I even prefer a manual lathe so it's nice and quiet.

  7. Good job Brad! These magnificent craftsman exist all around us, and from time to time we are lucky enough to find and interact with them to soak up some of their knowledge.

  8. Irony is defined as hearing the same song the Abom79 channel uses for his opening and closing while Mr. sharp is using the lathe (albeit for wood). Great video by a master at his craft.

  9. Great video! What does he mean when he said "you need to applying a lot of ENGLISH to the board to make it work"? What does the term "english" mean? It's toward the beginning at about the 60 second mark.

  10. I can relate to this master in so many ways. The whole moral of the story is, enjoy what you do so it’s no longer considered a job, but a career or hobby!

  11. Good stuff.
    I have solved problems in my sleep, fall asleep searching for a solution, and wake up with it.
    Nice to know it happens to other people too.

  12. This is literally one of the best videos I've ever watched. I feel like I could watch him talk about his love and the craft for days.

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