Building Cabinets With KREG Tools- Kreg Jig How-TO's

Kreg Tools are surprisingly intuitive for the cost. I own many Kreg Tools and in this series of videos, I am going to show you how to build a utility cabinet using 90% Kreg Tools. To see more photos and see the actual items that I am using, please visit my blog at and to see some of the other items I make and use to fulfill my adventurous lifestyle.
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6 Replies to “Building Cabinets With KREG Tools- Kreg Jig How-TO's”

  1. That auto engage feature you added on the shop vac is genius! I need to learn how to set that up in my shop. Any suggested videos that could help? Thanks!

  2. I thought you weren’t supposed to put the screws facing the outside edge of the board into which they are being screwed. As in the holes should be on the outside. I ask because I’m trying to learn.

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