6 Replies to “Makita Compact Router Kit Tool Test from Popular Woodworking Magazine, Aug 2012.m4v”

  1. Poorly focused video. What's the point of showing the router 'in action' without actually showing what you did?

  2. That guy is wearing the same jeans and haircut he had in highschool. He'd be wearing his Doors Tshirt too , but they made him put on a collared shirt. 🙂 I can relate. Fashion resistant.

  3. I got the cordless, but it has the same plunge base. Don't like it. The plunge base has a very short lever to lock the depth. It is also not reliable in that it can unexpectedly pop up. You have to really crank it down very hard to get it to stay. But with the short lever this isn't easy. I like the router fine, but the plunge base needs upgrading.

    On the cordless, there is an option for two wrenches, which is great. People complain about busted knuckles, but I've busted my knuckles using the shaft lock button frequently, on various routers. Never once done that with two wrenches, since I was taught the proper way to use them. (Squeeze together method, there's probably a video somewhere showing that). In this video you can see the problem with using the button at about 1:15. I also have a Dewalt DW611 corded with a plunge base. Love the plunge base, hate the shaft lock button with no option for two wrenches.

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