How to Buy Rough Lumber

Go to for the complete series on how to build a nighstand. In episode one, learn how to buy rough lumber at a lumberyard or hardwood dealer. Visit for more woodworking technique videos.

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  1. I have 4 different lumber mills near my home. less than a 10 min drive to go to all. and another opening soon. when i heard 200$ for that i nearly had a stroke. i can get a whole trailor for less than 150$

  2. And of the few Timber Yards in the UK that DO sell genuine hardwoods, they will sell you a board, but if it's longer than your car, then you'd better come prepared with a saw. 'Cos they WON'T cut it for you! How's that for "customer service"?

  3. At most timber yards in the UK (certainly here in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland), you've got a choice of;
    1 "Whitewood" (Softwood)
    2 "Redwood" (Softwood)
    3 Oak (American) If you're VERY lucky. That's it! USELESS!

  4. Is there anybody out there that knows where I can get and how much the price for 6 by 6 by 16 ft rough-cut themes

  5. I get my lumber by the log. Buy the log have it milled to size, dry it in my garage. Then have it milled cost 1/4 of the price on line or at Home Depot.

  6. Stay the hell away from my lumber yard where I get mine either buy the whole unite or take off the top, it not fare for the next guy buying if you pick though the piles. But we can tell you don’t care about anyone eles but yourself.

  7. How does it make sense to buy timber like this? Surely if you have planer/thicknesser bandsaw and table saw, its slabs you wanna buy not tiny little boards?

  8. $200 for two tables isnt cheap? Are you kidding? thats a steal for actual wood tables, even if it is something like coffee tables.

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