Watch This Before You Organize Your Shop

Helpful tips to get your life organized.



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20 Replies to “Watch This Before You Organize Your Shop”

  1. I have a few main points for garages/shops that help alot:

    1. Everything on wheels. Then I can quickly move anything to a work area or empty the whole building quickly to clean the floors, etc.

    2. Make things modular. Then one rolling workbench will attach to others to make different sized benches, etc.

    3. Organize wisely. Such as your commonly used tools shelf. Good idea. There are many components to organizing, even down to using retractable spools for power cords , air and water hoses, etc.

  2. I wish i had 20 of everything like you lol. How on earth could you miss anything.. just leave one in separate locations. Having the same item all in one location seems counterproductive to having multiples.. and then i realized you have many others that work in the same shop.

  3. Thanks a lot, brother ! You don't know how helpful this vid is to me. A definite 'save' !
    All the best to you and yours !

  4. Cody thank for your thoughts on organization. The way that I see it one can never be done organizing. I certainly need help as we i am sure all do. For me like you say making a full self contained stand alone kits has been a big help. Also bunching tools into function in the central storage like screw driver/pry bars-clamps/ locking pliers- pliers -cutting tools/chisles-utility knives wire cutters–sockets–drill related. By watching i just found one thing—-that is making a dedicated ratchet tie down container insteasd of a multi layered super market bag. It is sure a good thing that one can not actually drown from disorganization LOL. You are always a source of inspiration.

  5. Aquire 2 atv your walking time will be cut in half also you can use to haul small trailers/ and bring equipment to work areas

  6. I have two 1.5 gallon gas cans that I wrapped duck tape around, through the handle and around, these cans are dedicated to gas/oil mix.  Always put the oil in the can before filling.  This is what works for me.  Thanks again for all the great videos.

  7. im in the boat and as your life changes so does your needs. i have tools i havent used in years .not to mention dads and grampas tools

  8. All of my tables, shelving units, etc are on casters. I move all of these things around the project then move them out of the way when not in use. Opens up floor area for the next project. Makes life easier.

  9. To each his own but I found that you can organize your tools by sizes and types in about an hour if you put them in a pegboard, then shelves for the bigger tools and maybe a toolbox (with wheels) for stuff you need to move around and use on a regular basis, a small portable toolbox with basic tools for quick jobs and it really doesn't have to be overly complicated. I just moved to a new property and have to unpack all my tools (9 big containers for the small tools, 6 to 8 big tools, and multiple clamps and assorted big things. I approach it this way: tools that a mechanic would use go in one side of the shop, the other tools used for woodworking are on the opposite side and I leave room for other tools and new tools as I acquire them. I find that if you overthink it it will be more difficult to find what you need, plus pegboards can always be changed to fit your needs.

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