2019 Shop Tour //Small Shop//Woodworking Shop// Dimensions Wood Works

A little glimpse into my shop for a tour at the beginning of 2019. My tiny backyard woodworking shop is my place of solice and where i run Dimensions Wood Works. From here i make cool things from wood as well as produce content around those builds. My buddy Jake at Northside custom crafts has prompted me to do this for a while, go check out his last shop tour here…

You can keep up with my other builds on my instagram here…

20 Replies to “2019 Shop Tour //Small Shop//Woodworking Shop// Dimensions Wood Works”

  1. Very sweet tool wall. I like the shop, sir. Getting stuff done without all the big fancy stuff. Great stuff.

  2. There are some fantastic tips there for those of us planning to build a small shop, thanks for sharing 5⭐'s and another Sub 👍

  3. It is always nice to take a look in somebodys workshop and learn for my own workshop. You got a realy nice and beautiful place there. i have to make work off my shop soon!

  4. I am offended, you call your awesome shop, "small"?? I get a corner of a garage! (LOL). Very nice tour, I really like the tool wall. Great job

  5. Man… that accent wall is cool! What's the total dimensions of the shop (sorry if i missed you saying it)?

    Edit: your step-to-raise workbench is a cool idea!

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