How To Make A Rustic Wood Mailbox

How To Make A Rustic Wood Mailbox

I was asked to build a wood mailbox for a client. There were a couple things it had to do; it needed to have a big magazine chute, and it needed to have a timber finish.

Tools I Used In This Videos:
Dewalt Drill:
Dewalt Mitre Saw:
Makita Circular Saw:

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20 Replies to “How To Make A Rustic Wood Mailbox”

  1. Great design, where's the flag on the mailbox to let the letter carrier know there's mail inside to be picked up ??

  2. Left over pine decking? Left over from what? 😉

    Were all those treated pine pieces from that spot next to the moulding in ALL Bunnings stores? 😉

  3. I like the vid. But two questions. 1: why so rough? You usualy put a lot more time and detail in your work. 2: Why did you bring a axe to put up a mail box?

  4. looks like it will last a long time. Those shingles are a nice touch! Gives it very warm and inviting appearance.

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