Seattle Fine Woodworking

Seattle Fine Woodworking

Take of tour of Keith Mathewson’s shop in Seattle with THISisCarpentry.

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20 Replies to “Seattle Fine Woodworking”

  1. Wow – the only other Wisner right-angle skew I've seen besides the one in my chest – LOVE it – great on burl veneer trimming and other misc. applications

  2. Love your work, knowledge, and skill. Excellent presentation skills. I appreciate that you cut to the chase so we get the specifics and not the wasted time on basic information. If someone is looking at fine woodworking they should already have very good skills and competent understanding as well as the tools needed. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!

  3. Damn it.. I am jealous!!! I would never get to that level, with my limited space and tools!!

    But, Respect to you, Great job!

  4. I've never seen or even heard of a "slot mortice plane" before. I guess it's faster than a hand router. If I don't have an electric router I just use a chisel. Getting a flat bottom for the hinge is not easy if the grain is difficult. Just using hand tools is more satisfying and quieter, but requires skill.
    Great video.

  5. Why the hell would someone not just use a router for hinges? If you did a whole house worth of hinges with a chisel you would be all day.

  6. What kind of chisel are you using? I've been wanting to buy some larger chisels but done know where to start. I really like the hollow back. I own a set of newer marbles but am looking to get a little deeper into hand tools. I've got several lie Nielsen hand planes now. Getting into using hand tools verse power tools. Watched quite a few of your videos and you have inspired me to get back to the roots of carpentry. Thanks.

  7. I bet that anyone who ever tried building his or her project utilizing do it yourself instructions, at least one time, went through the irritating time when the result always was much worse than expected.

  8. well keith  really enjoy watching you video,s, i know a lot of what you do,but i think you,ve got some great  methods , i can,t wait to try some of your ideas .i can,t understand negative comments, they should head what they like , ignore what they dont like.and shut the xxxx up . all the best

  9. I wonder why some people are so negative about this vid. Certainly, I can't speak for the guy, but I can see that he's very confident not only in his tools, but also in his ability to correct or compensate for any dings his tools get. Case in point, at about 10:15, his carpenter's square was bent, but the line he drew was still straight. So the guy doesn't baby his tools because he doesn't have to.

    As to him speaking like that, not everyone speaks like Paul Sellers or Norm Abrams in front of the camera. This guy reminds me of a really good engineer I knew, who's recognized as a leading expert in his field, but is painfully shy of talking to non-experts about his work. He tries his best, but tends to rush or simplify things, because they're so basic to him and he doesn't want to bore you, but for others it's really amazing stuff.

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