Working on 5 Massive Solid Wood Tables

This week we were working on some of our biggest tables we’ve ever worked on, like a 20ft conference table and many more huge tables as well!


18 Replies to “Working on 5 Massive Solid Wood Tables”

  1. Love your work. Do you know how a person trying to do a diy table with epoxy find some wood like that cheap? Not the size you have ofcourse.

  2. These videos are better than the other ones because its gives you a breakdown of all the projects going on than waiting one week for a a little simple thing going on.

  3. I love your videos! It's so fascinating to see these techniques used on such a large scale. I had actually been wondering how you guys handled the exothermic reactions of the resin, so that was cool to hear about.

  4. I hate when I watch someone sand with a closeup of what they are sanding. I always end up blowing the screen on my phone 🤦🏻‍♂️

  5. Do you guys wipe the tables down with water or anything else after the epoxy tables are “CNC’ed”? It looks like you are oiling the tables on top of dust. It’s hard to tell in the video.

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