2017 Woodworking Shop Tour

2017 Woodworking Shop Tour. We had a great year in 2016, and we are looking forward to what 2017 has in store for us. We made this shop Tour video for you to see our growth and attention to shop organization. Thank you for watching our videos. Please rate comment and Subscribe.


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20 Replies to “2017 Woodworking Shop Tour”

  1. Pretty amazing shop. From a hobby that empties your pockets, to a hobby that at the very least will break even. Looking forward to watching more of them. The outtakes at the end were cracking me up. I won't even put mine in they are so bad. lol

  2. Don't like it. It's set up with wasted space and too much travel. Not practical. Been in smaller shops that are efficient through trial and error, and have that "Wood shop" work ability and feel.
    But it doesn't matter what I like- it's if You like it.

  3. I see the organization issue. Is it possible you have too much room? Perhaps start with soundproofing the dust collection and creating a generous finishing room. Then beginning with lumber coming in, assembly, and product going out, create the general layout. Finally, with the remaining space, 'pretend' that it is much smaller than it really is to picture the layout of the various tables and machines. Make it work in a smaller area, then make it comfortable in the real area. I think you were hoping for some more specific feedback but that is all I have at the moment. There are various stoves that heat very well with sawdust and shavings. Go Pack.

  4. Nice shop. Looks like there’s more than enough room. Maybe look in to a shotgun mic. Honestly every time you sniff or swallow it stands out with your mic right there. Kind of made me want to stop watching. Other than that it was a good honest tour.

  5. looks like you have enough cedar chips and dust to coner the sachet maket at craft shows. maybe take all the shavings and make a form and cast the shavings into sheets to use as cedar lining for some chests and closets.

  6. Check out Daikin products they make a ac heat pump unit that goes down to -15 and will heat your shop this is what I use to heat and cool mine

  7. I used to make drag cars, got bored so I filled my garage with every possible woodworking machine and thought now I'm a woodworker. sounds like you just have too much money mate. why don't you take your family on holiday outside the U.S. to the rest of the world a get some good memories. sounds like you need cheering up.

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