Have You Ever Found A Magazine in the Woods? – The Gus & Eddy & Bruce & Autumn Podcast

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20 Replies to “Have You Ever Found A Magazine in the Woods? – The Gus & Eddy & Bruce & Autumn Podcast”

  1. it's easy. i listen to joe rogan or h3h3 when they have guests on that i would like to here their conversations with. with this podcast i like listening to the conversations gus and eddy have, guests are a bonus.

  2. Didn’t know either of the guests and was considerably interested (45ish in rn). I’m driving cross country over a few weeks and this has been keeping me company, so thank you

  3. Eddy looks like he's wearing one of those stupid disguise things where the glasses have a nose and mustache attached

  4. Yesterday I discovered the both of you for the first time and I’ve been grinding out all the podcasts while I work, please keep up the great work

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