Traditional Woodworking using Hand Tools: Finishing Interior of an Off Grid Log Cabin DIY Kitchen

After skating on thin ice, I use traditional woodworking handtools to work on the interior of the log cabin. I add a second layer of wood to the kitchen countertop, install a cistern hand pump to supply water to the sink, fabricate and install copper to the backsplash and build my dog, Cali, a new raised bed with storage inside.
The video starts with drone footage of me skating on thin ice of a marsh and at the end of the video, I talk about doing exactly that as a kid and how I learned so much from that marsh, from how to skate and play hockey to how to identify birds, animals and insects of a marsh.
Thanks to David Oxley from Precision Sheet Metal for his generous donation of the sheet of copper.

Links to gear used in this video:

Solar LED light bulb 15W

Agawa Canyon Boreal 21 Saw

Copper Fairy lights

Solar String Lights

Banneton 12″ round

Lodge Dutch Oven

Flamen heat resistant gloves up to 500 degrees

Rocksheat baking stone

Mora Knife

Lamp OiI

Wall Lantern (candle lit)

Moka Pot Canada USA

Canon 6D

DJI Mavic Pro

Bragg’s Sprinkle

Eagle Claw® Multi-Purpose Jet Sled

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20 Replies to “Traditional Woodworking using Hand Tools: Finishing Interior of an Off Grid Log Cabin DIY Kitchen”

  1. Just wanted to say great videos!! Love them all!! Just a note, know your busy on daily projects, but sometimes your out on canoe trips, fishing and hunting away from home. Love Cali, so was wandering, if any plans to build a small Cali dog cabin??? Bet Cali would love it! Mike from San Jose ca. 😛😛😛

  2. Nice kitchen work. Are you planning on keeping your Berkey Water Filter up in the shelf. Difficult to get the top off in order to all it up,

  3. I don't know how I stumbled upon this, but so happy I did. It's fantastic, for all the reasons everyone has already stated. With this particular episode, I wish you had shown how you finished installing the drawer!

  4. The skating brought back some great memories back in Ipswich MA. We would skate the rivers for miles as well as surrounding swamps. Skated back soaking wet several times after falling through. The traveling hockey games were fun as well.

  5. это просто король дерева или мастер по дереву…..(казахстан)

  6. This guy has it right. Off the grid living, peaceful, quiet. Away from the hustle and bustle of big city living and especially very little social connections. I envy you good sir.

  7. Careful the labrador running on ice my friend… as you surely already know their backs are ultra fragile especially when slightly overweight. Mine lasted until she was 14.5 years old. She did her back in twice slipping on ice (…) Love your series.

  8. Beautiful beginning. The best director/producer couldn't have done better. I image you get a great feeling of satisfaction after every finished project. I get that after doing up a batch of canned blackberries, when I'm sitting there counting and waiting for the pings.

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