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  1. That chainsaw wheel…dangerous stuff. I have a double-layer stitches scar that stopped me from carving for a while. Lucky it didn't sever anything serious.

  2. So I got one disc #2. For full disclosure, this "review'" is by the seller. It works, leaves a smooth cut, and is way less aggressive than the chainsaw wheels. It can still bounce and chatter and has angles it doesn't want to cut at. I haven't used the other abrasive type wheels. For what I was using the dished cut couldve been nicd. It's a good product. I still needed some heavy use of the flap disc afterward though.

  3. Try the Australian brand arbitec a disc with individual tungsten carbide tips on the edge like cutting tips for a lathe

  4. I came here looking for reports on the chain saw one, after seeing this, I just bought the planer. That looks like a lot smoother cut and Controllability than the more aggressive ones.

  5. Sid, without some per-established points of comparison: rate of cut; finish; torque when using; …. and so on(!) the lack of comparison leaves the video without much more than a product type announcement. Not sure the gain from watching?

  6. worker in my shop used the chainsaw one. He's very experienced, but slight mistake with grip, the saw flew upward and went straight to his right arm and left arm, severed two finger nerves. He's recovering nicely now. But the danger of this thing should not be taken lightly.

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