A Card Catalogue part two- Through dovetails.

This is a companion video to A Card Catalogue from the new book- The Unplugged Woodshop by Tom Fidgen. The Taunton Press.
In this video, the carcase panels are joined using hand cut, through dovetails.
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  1. Hello Mr. Tom, i am looking ( for a long time) for a gut set of dividers. I have seen you use two of them. Can you recomend me those dividers? Label ?
    Thanks a lot for share those videos. I enjoy and learn soooooo much!

  2. Hi Tom, i really love your videos. What kind of wood did you use and do you only use manuals Tools? Big up from France

  3. I was going to ask about the music, but I see someone asked already. Great music. Sent over from Drunken Woodworker's weekly wrap-up and he was right – your work is amazing!

  4. Hi, Tom. Love the videos. What brand if calipers are using, they look very meaty. Would love to get a hold of those. Keep those videos coming. Best regards.

  5. Nice job again Tom. Why the rabbet to start with? It's on the inside I presume? I use a Japanese saw which leaves an extremely fine kerf, for the waste I use a Jewelers / piercing saw which has a fine blade that will go down the kerf easily. It's much easier to turn, it makes a coping saw feel clumsy afterwards. There are lots of different blades available too.

  6. Thanks for making these videos.
    $ 0.02: I prefer commentary on the work being done rather than music, which is totally subjective and may or may not be appreciated by viewers.

  7. Tom, I love your work and video presentations. However, I too would love to be able to see more, and find it frustrating at times when you blur an image that I was blissfully looking at. Ease up on the blur brother. Cheers.

  8. Dear Tom, 
    Your videos are magnificent, as well as your work! But videos are to be assisted, seen. Please, let the blurring images when submitting a written detail. Who bothers to watch because one wants to see all the details are too precious to be wasted on a gimmick video for us unnecessary. Sorry criticism, translation via Google and, always, congratulations on your beautiful work. Roberto and sons – Brasil

  9. Hey Tom, I noticed that you cut twice as many tails on the top of the cabinet as you did on the bottom…any particular reason for that?

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