03: Five Shop-made Tools You Got To Have In a Small Shop

A quick demonstration of my favorite shop made improvements and innovations for space saving and low cost. A revolving tool station, a mutant shop vac, the cross cut sled, a mechanical workbench and more.

The “lift” mechanism for the workbench and the double drawer slide idea come from American wood worker mag feb 2014. Everything else (as best as I can remember) is original.

Link to Video on The Tool Carousel.

The duct tape part was meant to be a joke. As I was taking the fan out of the box I decided it would be more entertaining to use the cardboard box the fan came in instead of making a wooden box with latches. This is why I painted the box and all that. However, in the context of the video most people think that was the design from the beginning. Taping the box each time would certainly be wasteful, and there are many options that are better such as latches or Velcro.

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Final Note:
PLEASE UNDERSTAND…I receive hundreds of messages on all platforms (email, Facebook, Instagram, comments, etc) asking for advice, and help with projects. At this volume, I simply can’t do one on one advice. I have tried to help enough times to know I should never assume I have all the relevant information in the message, and even basic questions can produce a lot of followup questions. I do read all the questions, and if I get the same ones over and over I make videos about it to help lots of people. Thanks for your understanding on this.

20 Replies to “03: Five Shop-made Tools You Got To Have In a Small Shop”

  1. Jeremy, I'm a 69 year old handyman. I want to tell you that your are second to none. The quality of your thinking is excellent. Your use of YouTube as a source of education is exemplary. Your use of available space, your demonstrated ability to make things compact, your ability to interrelate components, and your makes you a young master. Your ability to salvage, and to upgrade, makes you so valuable that I'm glad you're on our side. You have a comforting humble way about yourself, and have an inherent respect for your viewers as shown in your language and tone of voice. More than all, you've learned how to learn and I see you doing very good things in the future. I used to work for a mill here making arched windows. The owner began in a small garage. His ability to think through problems that he called "challenges" made him grow into a specialized woodworking custom company. Chuckle, I can see you hosting "This Little Garage" on PBS. Norm Abrams of the garage.

  2. Bought that yellow squirrel fan for $5.00 yard sale now use to ride chemicals and fume hood. Wow subbed, make concrete mixer, wood shredder, maybe did, moving hidden wall. Build a Uranium centrifuge set and rid us of ZOG masters and debt slavery, inflation…. Hybrid submarine? Nah cnc here?

  3. I'm unsubscribing because of the the inconsiderate and ANNOYING MUZAK! Leaving out the muzak does not detract from a video about shop equipment, but adding it sure-as-shit makes it almost impossible to understand you narrative!

  4. I wonder what you could do if you had some money & some space because what you have done here with minimum of both is impressive…

  5. You have a incredible setup mate. Ive just bought a old fire station so have plenty of room . I just have to fit it out. Anything as half as good as yours would be great. Many thanks for video.

  6. no no no no music nope nope not gonna watch this video as soon as I heard the music play i had 70s images flashing in my head

  7. Jeremy – this was tremendous! I learned a lot from your unique work. After watching many DIY/woodworking videos, I can honestly say that yours is among the best that I’ve seen. Keep up the good work. I just subscribed also.

  8. You are wonderfully clever.
    On the dust collector: next time someone throws out a pair of velcro'd shoes/sandals, snag the velcro so you don't have to mess w/the tape.

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