DIY Sideboard Cabinet | How to Build

Detailed blog post with plans available –

Tools Used:
Kreg Jig –
Shelf pin drilling jig –
Face clamp –
Parallel clamps –

How to get perfect inset drawer fronts VIDEO –

Turning your own drawer pulls –

Making custom cabinet door knobs –

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20 Replies to “DIY Sideboard Cabinet | How to Build”

  1. Nice build! Remember, primer makes everything better. Better adhesion, better holdout, better gloss retention, better finish. Since you were in the shellac already, you could have used that, given a light sand and tack, then top coated with paint. All that work and now you are risking a finish failure.

    By the way, Benjamin Moore Satin is an awesome-looking paint on furniture.

  2. I'm trying to design a sideboard cabinet, with a slightly unusual shape, so this was interesting to watch, since I will have to hire somebody to build it. I hope I will find a guy who is as good as you are! Nice video!

  3. У моей бабушки такая же мебель есть) Классика никогда не выйдет из моды.

  4. I'm a new subscriber, and just realized I've watched 16 of your builds in a row! Amazing work! You make it look so easy, and your little tricks and tips are well worth it!

  5. You do amazing work! I've gotten a ton of ideas to improve some of my own DIY's just in the short time I've watched. Keep it up!

  6. Nice Job! Have a question… the pieces of 2*2 are exactly 2*2 or less?? Thanks and apology but english is not my birth lenguage

  7. Is there an alternative to the Bessey clamps or possibly an affordable distributor? I'd prefer something with the large footprint on the clamping surface.

  8. Brad says " anybody can do it " ….well not sure I can but with the help of a few smarter and better looking folks maybe I can.

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