10 Things to Consider Before Starting an Etsy Store | Woodworking Business

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We’re Jennie and Davis. We love sharing our hobbies with the people we love. That includes you! Join us as we learn to build furniture. We want people to know that anyone can sell the furniture they build as a side-hustle.

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20 Replies to “10 Things to Consider Before Starting an Etsy Store | Woodworking Business”

  1. Some people seems to not understand that not all business models works for everyone (which you nailed in the video). Some have made a lot of money, some other don't and some other have made a little, if there was such thing as a "silver bullet" for business all of us would have lots of money (and we won't be talking about this)

  2. 5:14 That shelf with all the cans on there behind you is sagging a little bit. I'm sure it'll be fine, but you might want to consider additional support.

  3. If you have a unique item that nobody else has and you put it on Etsy somebody from China will knock it off send the prototype to China and in 3 months you will see it in every Walmart in the country

  4. Good info, you gave a fair balance of what its all about, I never thought about business model, and I now understand Esty , I think its good for me may be
    I design cards, easy to send, easy to produce, fixed price, this could be a good sight for me, many thanks.

  5. Thanks for the info. It helped my wife and I make our decision not to use Etsy. We do custom rustic furniture and decor, cutting boards, flags etc. It would be to difficult to keep up with both and take away time from our current sales.

  6. Thanx for the well faceted video. You touched most of the PROs and CONs. Since email marketing is restricted, your packaging design including your logo and URL will help building brand awareness and might lead Etsy customers to check out your "other" online store (Shopify anyone?). A hand crafted "snail mail" campaign might be a more personal way than blasting out an email storm in the holiday season, since you already have the shipping address. Like facebook, instagram, craigslist, kijiji, ebay, youtube & co, it is an interesting and effective channel to build a customer base and present your portfolio … just another brick in the wall.

  7. ETSY also taking 5% from the shipping cost:)) Still cheaper than other platforms, but I totally agree ETSY is not for everyone and your video is fantastic and has some excellent points. Thanks!

  8. Sorry to be negative, but the music is mind-numbingly bad. All together totally unnecessary. Your content is good enough without it. I stopped watching – couldn't stand it anymore.โ˜น๏ธ

  9. This was very informative. Iโ€™m a tech Ed teacher and I make a good amount of cribbage boards on the side that are fairly unique. I didnโ€™t see anything like them on etsy, however I know people would copy the idea in an instance.

  10. It seems like Facebook selling pages are really coming into their own these days. I've been toying with opening one of them myself.
    The market is on an already huge platform (who doesn't have a Facebook these days), it's easily shareable, and word of mouth is all you really need to get started. Not really sure how it would work with online payments, since most are cash on collection or craigslist/gumtree delivery style.

    May be an avenue worth strolling down for some people thinking of setting something up on the side.

  11. A way around Con @ 9:50 is to ship a slip of paper or business card inviting customers to subscribe to a newsletter where you may inform them of future products/deals.

  12. It was interesting to see you mention etsy-s cut being 8% while ebay cuts 15% when you include paypal. Not to mention the art market 50% is just fair gallery's cut. But your points were clear.

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