Decorative Wood Box // First Box DIY Woodworking

In this video, I make a decorative wood box with splines. This simple diy woodworking project makes a great gift. I’m surprised I’ve not made a box like this until now. The simple construction makes this decorative wood box a really unique gift.



I do a podcast with a couple of other YouTube makers called We Built A Thing. Look for it in the app store of your choice and give it a listen!


TOOLS & MATERIALS: (affiliate links)
Mahoney’s Walnut Oil:
Rockler glue applicator:
Table saw –
Supermax drum sander –
DeWalt planer –
Jointer – (Mine is a Grizzly, but couldn’t find a link for it)
Wood glue –
Painter’s tape –
Bandsaw (same model as mine, but mine is anniversary edition)-
Random orbit sander –


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20 Replies to “Decorative Wood Box // First Box DIY Woodworking”

  1. Love how the figure int the wood makes it look like there are mountains in the background. First video you've released since I clicked subscribe–nice project. Looking forward to a new podcast episode later this week!

  2. I was looking for some ideas for making a box and your video really sparked some great ones. I will be making mine out of Purple Heart with Leopard wood insert on the top and all sides. I am planning to use my table saw to make a chamfer on the top and underside of the lid. With an overhang all the way around, it will act as a opening limit when I add hinges. I really like the decorative splines. Great job.

  3. Thanks Bruce foe airing this video whit us,Your design is simple, strong and beautiful. I wanna build my first hardwood box, And I wanna use your method

  4. Since you did a small chamfer on the bottom with your hand plane, the same thing on the table saw was a bit of a wasted step. No big deal though and the project looks awesome!

  5. Really nice. My favorite woodworking projects is to make custom boxes. When someone sees a box they think either “What’s in the box or “What can I put in the box!” Making a box invigorates me. I like to make slide out lids on some boxes and also I make old fashioned wooden hinges. Keep up the good work.

  6. Very good! Elegant in its simplicity. I did something like that many years ago out of a redbud tree my neighbor lady had me cut down. A year later I gave her a box like that and she was floored when I told her where the wood came from. I like the simplicity of yours and I think the look is right for a gift I want to make for a retiring coworker. One thing I would avoid is the way you glued the bottom on. Cross grain glued joints are liable to split the bottom due to changes in humidity. A floating bottom with a small amount of glue at the centerlines would be better.

  7. Great looking box and project. I’ve been meaning to make a decorative keep sake box for a while now and this is great inspiration

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