DIY bar stool plans #woodstool #stool #woodworking

I always hear how this is just shop furniture so it doesn’t matter well that ends today I challenge you to build shop furniture you can be proud of I learned a lot on this project i did inlays half-lap joints used the kreg jig, dado blades tons of router blade including the chant fer bit round over and 1/8th carving bit. I didn’t skimp on the wood either I used red oak, walnut and purple heart. two chairs cost me around 50 bucks to make.

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  1. We think you have every right to be "over the moon, excited" about how the stool came out. Absolutely great job. It reminds me of some local koa wood, display surfboards that we see often. We definitely enjoy your work, keep it up! Just as a side note, I am not sure but I think you were speaking during the first part of your video but your music drowned it out, and I may be wrong but it sounded as if there were a couple song overlaying each other.

  2. Sorry, but that is just too gorgeous for a shop stool. Looks more like a stool you would find in a high end furniture store. Amazing job.

  3. very nice the work you put into that .this is skills sir pleasure to watch to .Remind of the beard x 16 .was little bit hard to hear your voice part from that top job like no 19

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