Woodworking Tricks – MAKE CLIPBOARDS IN BULK | Woodworking Projects To Sell

If you have a bandsaw and a planer, this video shows you a couple woodworking tricks that make batching out multiple wood clipboards at once a breeze. If you’ve been looking for easy and efficient woodworking projects to sell, this might just be the video for you!

I was commissioned by a dental practice in Ohio to create a set of twelve of these clipboards for their office. I had made pallet wood clipboards before but I had done it the wrong and painstaking way. With a big-ish bulk order like this I wanted to try and refine the process and really try to make it as efficient as possible. This was the result.

If you see any areas of efficiency I could improve on don’t be afraid to comment your suggestions below.

Thanks for watching!

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14 Replies to “Woodworking Tricks – MAKE CLIPBOARDS IN BULK | Woodworking Projects To Sell”

  1. WOW! The reaction and love we've gotten for this video has been humbling. Thank you all so much!

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  2. Nice output brother they came out great. Gotta keep this method in mind, all I need is a larger re-saw capability. I can only do 6" deep. Thanks for the great video, you got a sub.

  3. Great video. Has highlighted to me why I need a bigger bandsaw, mine only has 80mm depth of cut. Getting a bigger one would certainly open up some options. keep up the good work 🙂

  4. What kind of hardware are you using to mount the clips to the board? What in the little round tin on your bench? Do you have a link where you purchased them?

  5. I tried shellac on mine and it took too much time. I went to wipe on poly and it works great! You have more courage than I do when you resawed them. I still build mine one at a time. Good video!

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