10 BEST Woodworking Tools you NEED Under $100

Chad Stanton gives you his 10 BEST woodworking tools you need for your shop under 0. These MUST HAVE tools will help you get your projects built, without breaking the bank.

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Top 10 Essential Woodworking Tools Video

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20 Replies to “10 BEST Woodworking Tools you NEED Under $100”

  1. While I really do enjoy your videos & I have learnt a lot (Mainly I learn "STOP watching so many good videos & get some work done)… I DO however have one pet peeve that seems to be a THING with all you people across (NO "T" in across) the pond.

    WHY WHY WHY must you ALWAYS take the English language & mangle the shit out of it?!?!?! THERE IS NO "T" IN THE WORD "ACROSS"

  2. Being new to wood working( 30+ years after high school wood shop I am a newbie again) you are my go to guy for information. Thanks much Chad

  3. Another great video! Chad, I'm a newb and I'm really loving this craft. I find it literally therapeutical and exciting at the same time. Your channel is probably my favorite and the main reason is that you come off as a really nice person. It's a shame I'm living in Greece because if I was living in the US I'd definitely try to meet you in person and share a coffee 🙂

  4. Good choices, Chad.Although I rarely use a jigsaw, it does come in handy for certain cuts.Does anyone still make the "Scrolling Jigsaw"?I use to have a nice one but it grew legs on a jobsite.

  5. Chad, I agree mostly, but where are you getting a compound mitre saw for $100 or less? The mitre box sure, but not the electric one. BIG difference between these.

  6. I'd add a ShopVac or even leaf blower to help remove/move dust and shavings.

    When my neighbors' windows are not open, I've gotten in the habit of just grabbing the battery for my handheld leaf blower and using that to blow the dust out of my garage and driveway, sweeping or picking up any chunks. The neighbors have yet to complain, and the wind and air currents from cars driving down the road disperses the sawdust quite quickly, so that it can naturally decompose. 15-30 seconds with the leaf blower is usually about all it takes for me, so it's very quick.

  7. I’m a newbie and thus far my most used tools are:

    1) My benches, vices and holdfast
    2) My measuring tools (Tape, folding rule, triangle, squares, protractor, various callipers, T square, steel rule etc)
    3) My shop vac
    4) My safety gear (mask, glasses and ear protectors)
    5) My back saws
    6) My hand planes
    7) My chisels
    8) My clamps
    9) My iPad for instructions
    10) My coping saw.

    I have the tools mentioned in the video, but I find the circular saw redundant for what I do small pieces of furniture and furnishings but mainly large photograph frames for my images. I do use my table saw, bandsaw and routers a lot and as I don’t have a thicknesser/planer and don’t have room for one I use my electric plane to do the big stuff before using my jointer plane.

  8. Spot on, Chad!! Tough, as you pointed out, to prioritize sometimes, but the actual group of 10 tools will allow a person to make very satisfying and useful projects, in a small space, and on a modest budget. Thanks, Chad!

  9. I have an old time Miter saw similar to what you show……an old carpenter willed it to me upon his death….40 + years ago….still as accurate as ever…

  10. M9-Promaster coupon code not valid! I used it on:

    8 x 3/4 ProMaster Wood Screws, Black Oxide, Round Washer Head, Combo Drive – QTY:100

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