Carpentry Tool Organization, Makita, Festool Systainer Build

Here is how I go about organizing my carpentry / woodworking tools for on site work and installations.

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Extra Large Makita Case:
Extra Large is what I used for the drills, and compressor.
Large Case Makita:
Medium Case Makita:
Small Case Makita:

Festool case used for nail guns:
Festool case used for general storage:

20 Replies to “Carpentry Tool Organization, Makita, Festool Systainer Build”

  1. Very nice and organized!!!
    I promise your costumers will pay attention to that.
    I just hate to see all those contractors with messy vans!!!
    Show me how organized you you are and that will be the equal to the how good and seriouse you are about the job.
    Its not O.C.D its organized.
    O.C.D is made up by the one's tat are lazy and useless in job and life, when you ask them where is your tool and they say O its in there somewhere in this pile of junk and mess.
    Well done 👍

  2. Love your videos. I have watched them all. This video I watched at least 3 times. I want to do something similar but always wonder if it improved your work.

  3. This was such a satisfying video! The only potential issue I could see was with the general tool box. The shelf on the left that is holding so many tools seems like it could be a potential a weak point. If doing it again I'd vote using a dado to give the shelf better support but if you can find the room to attach a couple of brackets underneath would accomplish the same thing. Love your vids!

  4. That’s lovely work, Mike. I know we used always think more highly of a tradesman if he arrived with a homemade toolbox.

    As an Irish person, the most important item is a mug for tea and some tea bags (Barry’s) and maybe a kettle too. The US equivalent would probably be a Systainer w integrated Keurig/Nespresso and supplies.

  5. I have just binged watched a bunch of your videos after the YouTube algorithm introduced me to you. I love your dedication to detail, and I like your style of presentation. This level of organisation while making your work easier would give a client a lot of confidence too. Lots of ideas for sorting my own little hobby work area.

    It is interesting watching a lot of videos on YouTube that the most popular ones always seem to be the ones for shop organisation, I guess regardless of your trade or hobby an organised shop is at the core to helping you be efficient and want to be out there making something. It keeps the mind and hands active.

    Keep up the good work Mike.

  6. Those will make transporting and keeping track of your tools a whole lot easier. I see those cases with tools just dumped inside. Gross.

  7. Great video , only though / comment is maybe add a layer (if there is headroom) of foam or non slip gripper rubber material below the compression board inside the sustainer to dampen noise and vibration when in use ?

  8. As a young messy cabinet installer you've given me hope, very inspiring ideas. Probably gonna duplicate it to be honest lol.

  9. С ребенком будь аккуратнее , мой подошел к столу с опилками и дунул , потом из глаза опилку доставали

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