How to make these Alternative Dovetail Joints (The Knapp Joint)

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In this woodworking video, I show you how to make an alternative dovetail joint – The Knapp Joint. If you enjoy making or learning how to make dovetail joints, you will really enjoy the woodworking tips that I share in this project video.

This was a great challenge that I thoroughly enjoyed working out.

I’m very pleased with the results but I’m more than happy to hear of any improvements that could be made. 🙂

As always I’m happy to answer any questions.

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20 Replies to “How to make these Alternative Dovetail Joints (The Knapp Joint)”

  1. I'm guessing this kind of joint is much stronger if the ring side of the joint is plywood because otherwise the outside of the rings has no support from the grain. Not that a drawer joint needs that kind of strength.

  2. This joint looks nice and ornamental and is quite strong too. But there is a lot of work involved.

    Considering the fact that making the template is fairly complex and the amount work needed to trim each of the pieces before joining them, you may consider going for a CNC router to get the highest precision possible. As you would agree, the joint will look nice only with that kind of precision. Of course, the downside is, you will lose the fun of physically making the joints.

  3. Heckuva fine result, and the instructional was impeccable! I remember that years ago, Fine Woodworking magazine had an article by a Bermudan man, who showed how these were done, half by hand, on that island.

  4. Very nicely done indeed. I’ve been building furniture and boats for over fifty years and always wanted to try this type of joint. Thanks so much for the information and expertise. C.D. Springstead, boat builder, and board member, Finger Lakes Boating Museum, Hammondsport, New York, USA

  5. I am really impressed with your problem solving abilities.

    I can see myself building some of those jigs to solve other problems I am having at the moment.

  6. There are a lot of folks making cool stuff out there. But none , in my opinion, are as good as your are. Your explanations and the awesome ideas you have (like the improved and easier way to cut out the tight corners) are really unique and outstanding. Thanks for putting so much effort into the video and this awesome channel of yours. Take care!!

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