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  1. this is pretty rad. i just really wish you cut the shoulders of the dovetail with the ryoba you had right on hand. those fuzzy lines really irked me, though i tried not to let it

  2. I'm about to learn woodworking or at least I say I am. I took a safety course at our local woodshop and was overwhelmed by all of the machines, which are from the 60s and 70s. I cannot believe what you just did with these tools alone. Thanks for this! This will help me so much!

  3. I like your little box! Do you think I can used the same pattern on a 35 inch to 25 inch and 10inches deep? I have some recycled wood and I want to used it as a storage and a cushion on top.

  4. Hi, I love your videos to begin with. I am curious, do you have plans for making a Zabiki? (don't shoot me for the spelling). Also, can you explain in a video how to choose good used chisels?? I am looking for timber chisels. Japanese…..

  5. I use mainly soft wood for finishes that are out of human contact such being up high but on display. It can be really easy to use and some softwoods can have a beautiful finish.

  6. that wood is identical on what I buy here in Italy under the name of Paulownia…. I think your first impression was the right one

  7. First I'd like to say that your Japanese woodworking skills are better than mine ever have been or ever will be and no, I don't have any woodworking videos of my own. I also concede that you did point out many times that this was a quicky chisel toolbox, was not traditional, and that it serves its purpose just fine. With that said here are my negative comments (what video would be complete without them?) 1) A lot of times the difference between amateur and professional is not God-level skills or super high-dollar equipment but being careful what you're doing. You're not measuring carefully, cutting carefully, or basically anything carefully. 2) What you call "good fit" (1:24), my Grandpa would have called "holes big enough to throw a cat through". Luckily for all of us, he's not around to critique our work. 'Thumbs up' vote for your video, nonetheless.

    Lastly, will you PLEASE sharpen that pencil? That rubbing wood on wood doesn't make a very good mark as you may have noticed (or maybe not).

  8. Look.keep up with the good woodworking.i like you keep the Japanese traditions in woodworking.i also know that this is my be only o hobby for you and that's cool..allow me to give you and advise though .You have to start been a little be more precise when it comes to japanese woodworking especially..they are very known for their perfection abilities !keep up 😀

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