First Hand Tools For the Power Tool Woodworker Toolbox or the Hybrid Woodworking Shop

First Hand Tools For the Power Tool Woodworker toolbox
I recently Did a video on what hand tools the new hand tool woodworker should get but I have been asked several times to talk about what hand tools the Powertool woodworking shop could use. here is my starter list. so what hand tools should be in the toolbox of the power tool user?

DMT Sharpening plates – (I use Extra coarse, Medium fine, and Extra fine)
Worth The effort Sharpening plate –
Strop –
Polishing compound –
Cheap honing guide –
Veritas Honing guide –
Cheap chisels –
Narex Chisels –
Japanese saw –
Caucus saw –
Block plane –
Low angle jack –
#5 hand plane –
Marking knife:
Dovetail saw –
round spoke shave –
flat spoke shave –
Hand Router –
Cabinet scraper –

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First Hand tools –
Sharpening station –
Japanese Vs. Western Saws –
Low angle vs high angle –

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All These Worlds (Bobiverse Book 3) (9.5 out of 10) –
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20 Replies to “First Hand Tools For the Power Tool Woodworker Toolbox or the Hybrid Woodworking Shop”

  1. My late Dad was a European trained Joiner-Finishing Carpenter. He did not have all the tools..5 chisels. Good stuff though..lasted Him his career. Otherwise..good advice..

  2. I agree with all of this, especially the end when saying to try things yourself. The one thing that I have NEVER heard a woodworker of any type say is "that woodworking bench was definitely a waste of money and time! I'm going to scrap it the next time I clean the shop" haha the woodworking bench is a gateway drug into full out woodworking addiction that's soon invaded dreams of having a $2k budget for stock and another $2k for vise hardware!

  3. If you have the money to buy a Veritas honing guide, buy a worksharp. πŸ˜€ It’s more accurate,quicker, and probably cheaper than all those jigs and diamond stones and wetstone grinders if you are a beginner.
    I agree about planes and saws and chisels. In UK the cheapest option is eBay. Any old tool stamped with Sheffield will probably be good

  4. Great video! I want to start out with handtools and I already have a no. 4 plane but i feel like i need something bigger to smooth out larger surfaces…so the question is: should i get a no5 or a no6?

  5. It's kind of funny. I wanted to get into woodworking since my wife's uncle gave me all the tools from his workshop but I had no place to store them except for our small shed. While I did pull them out a couple of times on a sunny Saturday everything was so piled on top of everything else that I just didn't want to deal with it. I recently got the hand tool bug from the projects we did while in school for my carpentry Apprenticship (1st year is all about hand tools) and so, even though I have now been given room to work in a spare room in the basement and have the room to use my power tools, I want to do everything by hand. I plan on using my power tools down the road, I want that to be when I can say "Sure I cut my mortises with a router but that's only to save time. I could do one just as nice by hand." I use power tools all the time at work but when I'm in my little shop I want to slow down and relax. Plus shavings are easier to clean up than saw dust. Lol

  6. Very nice lid=st of hand tools for some of us that wish to be hybrid wood workers… I mean I have no intention of giving up my power but there are times when you need to finesse the wood and power just do it or you just need to take less than a shaving off… You made a really good list there Sir…

  7. You have a good list for those who are just getting started with wood working. I started with power tools and found I needed hand tools to do "clean up" work. Now days it is more hand tools than power tools. Hand tools are faster, give higher quality results and are fun too use.

  8. I positioned my block plane just behind my tablesaw blade so that it cleans up the freshly sawn surface as it comes off the blade… not.

  9. Vaughn makes great Japanese style saws. A little more affordable, great quality. The blades are also made in Japan. Great Video James!

  10. Fein sharpening stones? …..heh…..I picked up the same DMT diamond stones per your recommendation. WOW, what great stones! THANKS

  11. Great video as always, James. I would add a 12" combination square to that list. So many uses for both hand tool and power users. Learning the importance of squareness when dimensioning and cutting joinery is so important — that and sharpening are probably the biggest causes of discouragement (in my experience). Even one under $15 that is square or fettled square will do. Bench looks incredible, man!

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