Tabletop Japanese Shoji Lanterns

New versions of the Japanese mini lamps I made a while ago. Frame and dimensions are almost the same, but I have added a USB LED lighting circuit so they can be lit from any laptop, phone charger etc and placed on a desk or any suitable space.
Enjoy watching!

Wood: walnut / basswood for kumiko
Finish: danish oil
Shoji paper and rice glue

I have some for sale on my Etsy store

Tools used in this video plus others I use and recommend:

•Japanese Saws:
Suizan Fine Dozuki Saw for Kumiko work
All the saws I use…

Veritas Low Angle Smoothing Plane

• Mini Japanese clamps

•Measuring and marking
Kebiki Marking Gauge
Mini Try Square

•Book for Kumiko work:
Shoji and Kumiko Design vol.1, D.King

Full list of the tools here on my website

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Plans and products I make on my Etsy store

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20 Replies to “Tabletop Japanese Shoji Lanterns”

  1. to be honest, this is what i find relaxing. poring myself a drink, dim down the lights and watch this video. the jazz is a + too for extra chillness.

  2. A work of remarkable precision. A pleasure to watch.

    May I ask you a question?
    What is the type and what is the purpose of the white gloves you wear at the end of the assembly?

    Anyway, congratulations and thank you for sharing.

  3. Such an inspiring video. Not only it makes you want to build and create, but you also feel uplifted with its beautiful visuals and music. Thank you.

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