Woodcraft 101 with Eric Gorges: A New Lathe

Eric Gorges, host of A Craftsman’s Legacy is a wonderful craftsman but didn’t know much about turning wood. So, he headed to his local Woodcraft Store to pick up the tools and knowledge he would need to get started.

This video is a firsthand look into buying a new lathe and making your first bowl. The good, the bad and ugly. It’s all in the mix.

You won’t want to miss out on watching him struggle to get the chuck off the spindle! In the end, Eric learned a lot, made something he was really happy with, and can officially call himself a woodturner.

Visit: http://www.craftsmanslegacy.com to learn more.

14 Replies to “Woodcraft 101 with Eric Gorges: A New Lathe”

  1. Eric, I watch your show (Boise Idaho) where there air it 2x a week. I watch it religiously. This , BY FAR, has been your best show. Why? You show the trials and tribulations of beginning any new venture. I see stuff for sale all the time. I ask why they are selling. When they tell me they don't have time for this or that, I ask them if they had troubles making what they set out to make. Each one, in 40 years of tool scrounging, told me they did, or alluded to it. People just need to learn to stick with it. They see a master at the craft, and think it's easy, and don't realize the dues they paid to get there. Ive made a BUNCH of firewood, and I'm still a hack. Each piece gets better, so I know I'm still paying dues.

  2. nice video, today, I just started turning too ( spindles, though, cutting corners off and making coves/ beads); one suggestion, if the bowl is so small, how about a bowl for your shaving brush, aka what the lather/ cream goes in, as you have a greatly presented beard.

  3. Welcome to the world of turning. There are a lot of great U-Tube videos worth warching. You can learn a lot from some fine instructors. The store you bought your lathe from also has classes. Nothing like the instructor standing beside you. Good luck and Happy turning.

  4. I am happy to see you encouraging turning but, PLEASE! Use a demonstrator that knows how use a lathe. This guy, obviously doesn't know how and it shows. He has numerous "catches" clearly identified by the "schritching" sound when it occurs.

  5. I've turned for more than 50 years and I learn something new every time I go to the lathe. Matt is right, woodturning is something that should not be learned on your own. Somebody has already made all the mistakes, you don't have to make them all by yourself. You can add new ones!

  6. I am so glad you chose to show the whole process, including the frustration and catches. Eric has such a great attitude. Love his show and hope you do more with him. Go Woodcraft!

  7. I'm signed up for a spindle turning class at the Columbus Ohio Store on 22 Sept. Picking my first lathe up next month. Now that I build Windsor chairs I need one. Up until now I only built furniture that didn't require turnings. Woodcraft you guys want to make a video of me?

  8. I love that Eric has such a good time learning something new. So often as makers, craftsman and woodworkers we get comfortable continuing to do what we always have. It can be scary to admit that you don't really know how to do something. And that often keeps people from learning something new. Stretching out and try something out of your comfort zone can be exhilarating.

  9. Welcome to the rabbit hole of turning. I HIGHLY recommend taking a bowl turning class. One of the members of the Mid-Michigan Woodworkers Guild teaches an amazing class at Johnson's Workbench in Charlotte. In fact, he'll be giving a demonstration this weekend (September 7-8, 2018) at their Wood Expo.

  10. This was a great video experience. I really enjoyed it.
    The only critique I would give is that they probably should have recommended a respirator for that ambrosia maple…when sanding it can get pretty nasty for your lungs.

  11. Nice work, but a bit of a bad marketing for Woodcraft.
    To send a complete novice in woodturning with a new lathe, and one gouge, but no explanation of what it involves, is not a great business model. They even show that they have a Classroom in their store. At least they should have said and make a small segment about Eric learning something there before they have let him go.
    This way he had so many catches, going with a gouge against the curve, and keep catching the unsupported wing of the gouge to the incoming wood.
    I am novice, and I spent so much time looking at youtube's woodturning sources (good and bad), I have joined a woodturning club, and communicate with the more experienced turners in there.
    All of that, to make this a more pleasing experience, more fun, therapeutical time, not a nightmare as it was presented here.
    Be safe, man.

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