WOODWORKING: World's Cheapest Furniture Lumber

Watch as Steve Maxwell, cabinetmaker, talks about what to look for in construction grade lumber, and the advantages of using it to build furniture – even fine furniture. See closeup results here: https://baileylineroad.com/cheap-lumber-makes-fine-furniture/

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20 Replies to “WOODWORKING: World's Cheapest Furniture Lumber”

  1. Construction grade pine & spruce from Home Depot or Lowes are all I use in my furniture. You can make those woods look absolutely beautiful.

  2. Love this, I'll show it to my high school woodshop classes. I do tree work on the weekends, bring the wood in to mill and we build projects from the logs we mill.

  3. I don't know a single person who buys pine (or any softwood) furniture. It's not very difficult to find good pine. A video about buying cherry, maple, walnut etc would be immensely useful but it isn't that easy…

  4. i am looking large quality amount pine wood planks for build furniture ship to vietnam . can you send the price of cubic meter asap thankyou. skype : hungkay le / email: muaxuanltd@gmail.com / tel: +84 987501298. thankyou . hungkay

  5. Really good points. I call my channel Pianostyle1egrass that's the musician side.. I should call my self jig maker cause I m constantly making jigs.. lol. Really good points.. Only furniture I've made so far is benches , children's tables and chairs.. For those I used 2 by 3 s and 2 x4s with plywood tops. Subribed and rang the notification bell.

  6. Steve: This is a great video! Really enjoy and appreciate your sharing your knowledge. For those who criticize, please make a video of your own knowledge, so that we can show you our appreciation as well.

  7. Find a wholesaler, set up an account, and get quality hardwoods for prices that are comparable to SPF lumber from the lumberyard or borg. By the time you cull out all the parts of the framing lumber you can't use, you've upped your price per board foot considerably. If you're just starting out, buy the cheapest alder at the supplier. Cull out the bad parts and you can build beautiful projects on the cheap.

  8. Great advice, thank you. Useful to me personally as I only use lumber for art (I'm a sculptor). Now let me bust your balls: The term is "hone in" not "home in".

  9. I work in East Texas of late. I worked for a tree trimmer for a time. I cannot believe how much gorgeous hardwood goes into a trash pile. ??!!

  10. There are certainly some good tips here; however, some lumber yard operators may not appreciate some random woodworker coming in to bust their lumber bundles and cherry-pick boards. Different operators seem to have different views on this. While I do set obvious culls aside, I don't otherwise preen-out the prime materials. For woodworking, KD stuff is an Ok start but I still bring it home and sticker and/or stack it for air drying if it's going to be awhile before I use it. Insofar as the quality of this video, I really like it…nice job.

  11. In the southern part of the US they sell southern yellow pine it in harder and more stable. It also has a beautiful colour and grain pattern.

  12. Thank you sir, this was a great video and very simple useful knowledge to help out people like me who are just beginning in woodworking. Great video!

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