Woodturning Equipment : Woodturning Supplies: Selecting Wood

Don’t use wood with pith or woodturned bowl will crack. Learn how to just how well a specific kind of wood will work for turning a bowl in this free woodworking lesson from a woodturning instructor.

Expert: Donna Zils Banfield
Contact: www.livealifelessordinary.com
Bio: Donna Zils Banfield has been wood turning full-time since 2004, working on architectural reproductions for older home restoration and teaching turning at local woodworking specialty stores.
Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

12 Replies to “Woodturning Equipment : Woodturning Supplies: Selecting Wood”

  1. Had to stop when she said not to turn a bowl from the end.
    That's how they did it for thousands of years, and I for one will not buck tradition.

  2. Xylem and phloem are the components of the nutrient transport ring or cambium. The Pith has nothing to do with nutrient conductivity, only storage and structure.

  3. "Pith is where the tree gets it's nutrients" ??? No it's not..see fist chapter of any book on trees
    …. you got to fix that ….all credibility lost

  4. Sorry but the pith is not where the tree get the nutrients.. it's where the tree started. The sapwood is where the tree gets its nutrients…

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