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My first video under “Art Resource Build”, a resource section I’m incorporating into my website for artists and students. Now you can download plans, watch videos etc. on things like building your own art easel, sculpting tools and much more. Want the plans? download them FREE by visiting my website at … And check out PART 2 for an updated “glide system”
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  1. As a woodworker for many years with experience in a mill with many fancy machines I'd like to praise you for your craftsmanship with a few simple tools, and your ingenuity in solving several significant problems with the store-bought easel which I looked at today at Hobby Lobby. You did a fine job. This review is three years later (October, 2018) but your work still stands (pardon the pun).

  2. This is a fantastic woodworking book I`ve ever read, “pepe amazing plan” (Google it). It gives a lot of general info that will help any newbie and also some seasoned woodworker. I have been very surprised how often I use this to look up woods at places like to restore and salvage spots.

  3. Great / sturdy design Greg ! I'm in the process of coming up with an entire Studio design that hides away like a Murphy bed. I live in a 1 Bdrm Apartment !

  4. Wow, Here in Canada It's sooo expensive, I paid $25 for each tube, so $50 for them, $170 for the wood and $40 in hardware so $260 total;(

  5. Wow this is an amazing easel! You're pretty awesome for putting the plans up free. My funds are limited (why I'm building my own lol) so this is a great help to me 😀

  6. I like the way you designed the clamping mechanism. Why are the pipes close to the centerline. I would think you might want them close to the supports. Also could you use the supports for the clamping mechanism to avoid the cost of buying these pipes. I guess you could use pvc pipe instead of metal pipe. Just easier to cut.  Great design.

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