Carving A Spoon From The Endangered American Chestnut // Woodworking ASMR!!

Carving a spoon with just hand tools from the critically endangered American Chestnut tree.






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Videography and Editing: Marlon J Torres

DISCLAIMER: Woodworking and the use of power and hand tools can be extremely dangerous. You are responsible for understanding the safe use of your tools and techniques. Your safety is YOUR responsibility, I accept NO responsibility or liability for any injuries, accidents, death occurring to you or others if you attempt to do the things that I do or use advice that I give.

20 Replies to “Carving A Spoon From The Endangered American Chestnut // Woodworking ASMR!!”

  1. Great video start to finish thanx for sharing it I enjoyed the process and the dog. Will you be using the spoon in your kitchen.

  2. 1904 new York introduced ornamental Japanese chestnut trees into the bronx zoo and from there the blight swept across the US. There has been a great effort to reintroduce the tree across the US and it is making a comeback thanks to "The American chestnut foundation(TACF). Check out their website and see if you can help or support them.

  3. Why would you take wood from a species that is just about wiped out AND MAKE A SPOON from it that will last a year or two wuth use?! You should have made something that would have lasted a 100 years!!

  4. Gouges, spoon hook knives, straight blade knives, drawknife, scraping cards, planes – BIG YES but rasps and files and sandpaper – BIG NO! 😉

  5. Mineral oil? I wouldn't have. Use walnut oil is my advice. I also use the spoke shave from time to time. Spoke shave is so satisfying.

  6. это не ложка- это черпак для замешивания браги. мы в детстве использовали топорик стамеску и конусный нож. и вырезали куда более изящные предметы. очень топорно- дизлайк.

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