DIY CLOSET // MODERN Wardrobe with a drawer

Making a modern wardrobe.

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For more info on this, see the written article and free wardrobe plans here

Materials used on this project:
3 – 3/4 (4×8) Birch plywood (structure)
3 – 1 by 12 by 48 pin lumber (drawer)
2 – Roll of edge band
1 – 1/4 (4×8) plywood (back and drawer bottom)
1 –  pair of 16in drawer slide 
1 – 15in drawer pull (handle) 
Edge band Trimmer
Closest rod

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********** Tools Used **********

Circular Saw Rip Guide
Pocket Hole Jig
Circular saw
Saw Stop table saw

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—————-Camera and recording equipment I use ——-
Camera – Nikon D5500 –
Mic to record to computer –
Mic to Record to the Camera
SD Card
Camera Slider

Adobe Premiere (Video Edit)
Adobe Photoshop (Photoshop)
Sketchup (3D Modeling software)

20 Replies to “DIY CLOSET // MODERN Wardrobe with a drawer”

  1. This should be how to build a proper closet but because views are a factor you had to add DIY for broke people lol smh fuck you

  2. Wonder who are the 122 who didn't like this video…Must be retarded Modi's illiterate chaddi followers, who don't have gray matter in their cranial cavity, rather fill their evacuated cranial cavity with cow gobar and replace the CSF with cow mutra…

  3. u are great I love your handwork art so much I gt no cuboards at all I store my stuff in box s nw I can learn to make it myself I can't afford to buy thanks to u may u be blessed

  4. I have watched your videos for a couple years now, and you are just getting better all the time. I love the new "where I'm at" graphic, stroke of genius adding that.

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