Finding Absolute Steals at Fisherman's Yard Sale!! ($200+ in Value!!!!)

Finding Absolute Steals at Fisherman's Yard Sale!! (0+ in Value!!!!)

Got wind that a decently sized yard sale was going on and I jumped to it when I heard “Fishing”!

Spent less than on all the fishing stuff pictured. Spent a bit more in total for other random knick knacks. The hand written prices on some of the items you see in the video is not what he was asking for, but the price he paid originally. Got some great deals on used and brand new stuff! (I.E.-Paid for 3 Brand New Gotcha Plugs ( Value)).

I did purchase the big bucket of weights. Paid and weighs that in pounds. This was not configured in the pic, less than or total value. To be honest, it’s still sitting in my car because the thing weighs so much.

If you live in Chester/surrounding areas in Va, he is open for business on the weekends. I’d be more than happy to let ya know where this is.

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If you’re into Large Mouth, plenty of tools there for that fishery in there!
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