Building Shaker Style Nightstands // Woodworking DIY

Building Shaker Style Nightstands // Woodworking DIY

In this video I build a set of Shaker style nightstands for a client. They feature mortise and tenon joinery as well as hand cut dovetailed drawers. The entire construction is made from solid wood and joinery used allows for adequate seasonal wood movement. The nightstands are made from Sycamore and are finished with clear shellac.

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Best Woods for Building Outdoor Furniture | Skill Builders

Best Woods for Building Outdoor Furniture | Skill Builders

What are the best woods to use when building outdoor furniture? Learn which woods are best for outdoor projects. Ultraviolet rays and moisture are tough on wood. Not all wood can stand up to the elements. Learn which woods will last when exposed to prolonged outdoor conditions.

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Wisconsin Building Supply Green Bay Component Plant

Wisconsin Building Supply manufactures our own roof trusses, floor trusses and wall panels. Our 54,000-square-foot Green Bay facility houses six roof truss lines, two floor truss lines and two wall panel lines. We utilize computerized saws and incorporate laser technology for accurate truss set-up and profiles. Learn more about our Green Bay facility from Plant Manager Bill Raymakers.

Building the ultimate ALL-IN-ONE woodworking station – PART 1

Building one workstation for all my most used equipment was tricky but with a lot a thought and good planning it seems like I’m on my way.

The idea is to build one woodworking workstation to make the most of the small space I have available.
On this station I’m planning on installing a table saw, miter saw, thicknesser and router table. I’m planning on adding centralized dust extraction to all the relevant equipment and a compressor to assist with clean up. I also plan on adding all my handheld power tools in drawers under the woodworking table with power points for easy and quick use.

This is the first installment of my building the ultimate all in one woodworking workstation. In this video, I focus on getting the basic framework up onto its rolling chassis. From there I will post videos on each tool or piece of equipment I add to the bench.

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IMPORTANT – Disclaimer!

All of the videos on this channel are intended for entertainment purposes only.

Should you choose to make or do anything as depicted on this channel you would do so at your own risk.

Woodworking and the use of power tools can be extremely dangerous.
The equipment and methods I use may not work for you as it does for me and by no means do I suggest that my methods of
working are correct.
Therefore you should always use your equipment and power tools as instructed by the owners manual supplied by the manufacturer.

Always use protective gear where applicable and never attempt something you are not comfortable doing.

Your shop safety is YOUR responsibility, so therefore I accept NO responsibility or liability for any injuries or accidents you may have if you attempt to do the things that I do.

Please, stay safe and work smart.
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Building a Vault Style Piggy Bank – Woodworking

In this video, I build a vault style piggy bank out of walnut, maple and a PO BOX mail box door, with a brass coin slot.

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mailbox door
Brass Coin Slot

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A woman's guide to woodworking building an end table | 14000 woodworking plans and projects 2018

A woman's guide to woodworking building an end table | 14000 woodworking plans and projects 2018

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Building A Modern Desk Inspired by Bad Larry | Woodworking

Building a Modern Executive Desk inspired by Bad Larry.
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On this episode Shaun is building a large executive desk out of walnut that was inspired by Chris’ Bad Larry credenza. Shaun covers lots of woodworking techniques such as, planning wide boards, mitered boxes / cabinets that aren’t 90 degrees, fitting drawers and drawer faces, making custom drawer pulls, making a large wood table top, shooting tape balls.

#woodworking #Desk #CustomFurniture

Jointing Wide Boards video:

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