Make MONEY woodworking ///Clear details


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I try to give a clear and true explantion of how I make money woodworking!
I’m guessing my area is not just rare, and that people are willing to buy farmhouse tables in my area. The area I live is below the state average in household income for the state of Virginia.
I dont have a long term reputation as a woodworker. Ive only been selling my work for about 8-10 months.

Just to clarify im suggesting you start out selling Farmhouse tables and benches. They seem to be easyish to make and dont cost a ton in materials. i have built other stuff and ending up almost breaking even with the cost of materials and time.
Also I said in the video to make a Farmhouse table for yourself and list it for sale. What I meant is to make a farmhouse table to have a picture of your work as a show piece. I would keep a table for yourself and use your table as an example!!!

I hope this helps!!!
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