Fine woodworking – In the wood shop today

Fine woodworking - In the wood shop today

Follow along as I take a walk through of my wood shop discussing the projects I’m working on.

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San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association

The San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association is the largest woodworking “guild” in the United States. It was founded 35 years ago for the purpose of promoting the creations of local woodworkers through an organized show.
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Build the Fine Woodworking Miter Saw Station Pt. 1

This is part one of a three part series showing how I built the very cool miter saw station featured in the Fine Woodworking Issue # 209.

Go here for more information, additional resources, and the Sketchup model of this project:

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12 Tools For Wood Working You Can Buy Online| Fine Woodworking Tools |

12 Tools For Wood Working You Can Buy Online. These Fine Woodworking Tools are:

1. Mini Digital Height Gauge:

2. Can-Do Clamp:

3. 5-Speed Drill Press:

4. 3 in 1 Workstation:

5. Level Box:

6. Punch Locator:

7. Hedgehog Spiral Featherboard:

8. Contour Gauge Duplicator:

9. Kreg K5 Pocket-Hole Jig:

10. GRR-RIPPER 3D Pushblock:

11. Micro Jig Dovetail Clamps:

12. GRR-RIPPER 1/8″ Leg Table Saw Accessory:

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The Wood Carving: Here’s Carving Bird On Wooden Cup..

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Seattle Fine Woodworking

Seattle Fine Woodworking

Take of tour of Keith Mathewson’s shop in Seattle with THISisCarpentry.

Visit to see the entire article and more videos.

To see hands-on demonstrations of techniques, attend a free Katz Roadshow near you:
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Bearing Forged Into Fine Woodworking Tool

We all know bearing are made of tough steels. See how I make a classy woodworking tool out of a ball bearing cage!
I am a novice when it comes to blacksmithing so no worries, easy techniques and common machines.

Index of operation and materials:
0:18 Cutting a slot in the cage so it’s easier to open
1:32 Flattening the lip of the bearing cage
2:17 Isolating handles material
2:59 Forging bevel
3:10 Drawing out handles
3:58 Bending handles
4:32 Hardening
4:58 Straightening in vise
5:15 Cleaning scales so I can see tempering colors
5:22 Tempering
6:00 Grinding into shape with 2×72 belt grinder
7:02 Rockwell test files. Hardness between 60 and 65 Rc
7:15 Polishing with cotton wheel and fine polishing compound(hand sanded off camera to 1200grit)
7:43 Turning handles of mystery wood
9:35 Drilling hole for tang. 5mm diameter and 11.5mm deep
10:10 Cutting off excess handle with bandsaw
10:29 Fitting and glueing fuller
10:43 White mineral oil on wood (hand sanded off camera to 320grit)
10:57 Refining tang shape and measurements
11:23 Driving in handles with press fit
11:51 Honing the edge with a belt strop. No secondary bevel.

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Dave Heller: Fine Furniture Maker & Marquetarian

Custom furniture maker and Marquetry expert, Dave Heller, shares his fine furniture and his story of getting into woodworking. See photos of Dave’s workshop and furniture here:

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A Modern Craftsman Liquor Cabinet, Fine Furniture Making, Woodworking, Carpentry

In this video I build a liquor cabinet. I breakout all my finest woodworking skills to complete this project.

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Stuff and things, and junk that I like….

Dewalt router:
Marking gauge:
Pull saw:
Lamello Top 21 biscuit joiner:
Festool Domino:
Micro jig clamps:
Osmo, I like this finish:
Cost effective, but good T bevel:
My favorite small square:
Very nice folding pull saw:
Everyone needs some earmuffs:
Blue dust collection hose over table saw:
Titebond 3:
Festool Vac Hose:
Non Mar Mallet: